Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It has become a story of past for Congress Party when leaders of Congress Party used to blame Rashtriya Sewak Sangh  (RSS)  for all their failure, deficiencies, blunders and for all types of internal riot or foreign based terror attack  or failure on foreign policy, poor administration etc.

Leaders of Congress Party right from Late Indira Gandhi to Sonia and to Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi left no stone unturned to tarnish the image of RSS and BJP so that BJP or NDA may never come into power. 

One may admit the bitter truth or not , but it is true that it was the egoist attitude of some key persons of RSS who initiated a dirty campaign to weaken Advani  and made all efforts in thwarting the chance of  Advani becoming Prime Minister of the country.Due to ill-motivated decisions of RSS, consolidation of BJP has suffered setback and on the contrary disintegration of BJP has started 

Today the bitter truth appears to be that RSS has become puppet in the hands of Congress Party and RSS appears to be making all efforts to weaken BJP and NDA.It is time when BJP should say that RSS is agent of Congress Party.

RSS has sidelined all effective and powerful leaders like Mr. L K. Advani, Mr. Narendra Modi, Ms Sushma Swaraj and imposed such leaders for key posts who can spoil the future of BJP. It was the effort and hard labour of Mr. L K Advani who made it possible for BJP to come to power and win considerable number of berth in Parliament. It is Mr. Modi who broke all records of development and become number one leader not only in Gujarat but throughout the country.

RSS thought it better to impose Mr. Gadkari second time even after its failure in his efforts to make BJP more powerful. This is why one is constrained to think that RSS is no more make of BJP but has become well wisher of Congress Party. In the past it used to be said that BJP is cadre based party due to strict discipline imposed by RSS, but now it is said that RSS has become victim of same disease as Congress party has been sick for decades.

In fact some selfish leaders in BJP in almost all states under the instigation of RSS supremo has been playing the role of rival and it is these few selfish leaders who have weakened BJP and as a result of which the entire nation is suffering and constrained  to bear with misrule of Congress Party led UPA.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Congress Party is in a position to survive in power inspite of all corruption and inspite of all anti- poor and pro-rich policies perpetuated by ruling Congress Party only because the key opposition party has failed to provide a sustainable and reliable alternative.

It was Late Jai Prakash Narayan in seventies who could polarize all anti –Congress Party votes on one platform and who ousted Congress Party from power. Today India needs another Jay Prakash Narayan to bring all opposition parties on one platform which can provide relief to Indian common men from the corrupt and misrule of Congress Party.

People of India has large expectation from national party like BJP and NDA to get rid of misrule of Congress Party and UPA.I hope all key leaders of BJP and other opposition parties ponder over the need of the hour and explore the ways and means to oust present UPA government and to remove inactive and ineffective MMS from power.

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