Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Few Questions For You

How is it possible that fake pilot officers are recruited in India?

IAS and IPS officers are transferred at the whims of ministers.BDOs SDOs and other officers are transferred as per whims of ministers.CVC and CBI officials are safe on their post only till they do not act against the will of any minister or VIP or any powerful corporate house whose nexus with top politicians is unbeatable.

Judges are selected not on merit but on recommendation of some VIPs.

Why banks are allowed to recruit officers in higher scale depriving senior experienced officers available in banks?

Is it a direct permission to top ranked officers to earn through recruitment?
How is it possible that questions pertaining to most of entrance test, recruitment test,educational degrees, professional qualifications are leaked before actual date of test or open use of unfair means are allowed in most of the examinations. Even examinations for civil services are not perfectly pure.

Do anyone know how much cash is required to be paid by aspirants for the post of ED or CMD of a Public Sector bank to various top level dignitaries?

Is it not true that high level source and recommendation of some ministers is enough to become director, ED or CMD of a bank or a Public Sector Undertaking?

In fact one has to pay for getting posting and promotion too in all government departments, in police department, in banks, in insurance companies, in schools and colleges and in brief almost in all offices.

Even teachers and police personnel are recruited as per whims and fancies of MLA, MP and minister of the area in which school is located. Posting of BDO, CO DC, DM, SP and all IAS and IPS officers are done by group of ministers after taking money in some way or the other.Police inspectors, IT inspectors ,vigilance officers etc are safe as long as they are in good book of key persons including politicians.

Similarly when top officers of a PSU are selected by Interview panels only after paying money, such officers will definitely try to recover the same from his subordinates.

People who come by paying money as bribe always try their level best to earn money  as bribe as much as possible. Similar is the position of MLA and MP who earn illegal money to become MLA, MP and ministers in next election too.

Why do all ministers put verbal pressure on corporate houses and recruitment bodies in government offices to give employment to their kids, friends and relatives?

Why CBI officials going against the sweet will of key persons of the government are posted at critical places and officers who provide safety to corrupt ministers and corrupt corporate houses are promoted violating policy and given choice posting?

Officers have to pay cash or gift invariably for getting recruitment or posting in top positions in addition to use of recommendations from some important and powerful person. Due to this, quality of workforce has faced great erosion practically in all offices.

Management of all public sector undertakings and public sector undertaking are thus creating frustration and disincentive among good officers who are being rejected not only in promotion process by greedy top officers but humiliated by newly recruited direct bosses.

Is it not harmful for the health of public sector undertakings and does it not tarnishes the image of the country ? 

Is it not the true reason for why the people of India have lost faith in the government?

Unhealthy practices are root cause of all corruption and still PM of India called as clean person  continue to watch Chirharan of Draupdi as he and his team of ministers did in 2G scam?

Even President of India or a Governor of a state, or director and CEO of a PSU is handpicked by ruling party to serve their vested interest and honest performers are posted at critical places for some reason or the other without taking into account the capacity to perform or knowledge of the person or the past background of the person.

It will not be astonishing for anyone in India if ruling party appoints Mr. Kalmadi or Mr. A Raja or Mr. Madhu Koda or Mr. Lalu Yadav as Governor of a state in near future. It is not abnormal when a corrupt General Manager or ED of bank of PSU who gives bribe to Secretary or Minister is appointed as ED or CMD of a bank or a PSU.

In fact merit is always the victim and Indian courts are not in a position to do justice for such victimized persons who are denied their right of recruitment, promotions and posting at better places. Even officers in vigilance department or in CBI or Anti Corruption bureau earn money by treating guilty as innocent or work under the pressure and advice of top ranked officers and minister who can make or mar their career.

As such I always say that root cause of all corruption in our country is the prevalent malpractices in the process of recruitment, promotion and postings. Flattery has become the master key to enter the process and then money plays the vital role in getting the desired employment, desired posting and desired promotion at the cost of quality people, talented people and devoted honest workers.

And hence Central Bureau of Investigation should be instructed to investigate thoroughly the process of recruitment, promotions and posting of last 20 to 30 years and try to punish all top ranked officers who committed crime of handpicking corrupt officers for promotion and posting at good places and who created bad culture in government offices by promoting flattery culture.
Why officers feel pleasure in extending red carpet welcome to his bosses is an open secret and hence I need not enlighten elaborately much on this subject.

It is open secret that crores of rupees are spent illegally in welcoming a top official or departmental head or a minister almost by all departments and government owned offices companies and bodies. There is none to stop such unhealthy culture which is mother of all corruptions, scams and scandals.Crores and crores are spent on political rally or on providing security to politicians. Crores and crores of rupees are spent on election campaign . Crores and crores of rupees are spent on extending red carpet welcome to VIPs at public cost.

Government of India has announced stop on fresh recruitment, reduction in foreign trips and cut in plan expenditure to show public that government is serious on current fiscal problems.Need of hour is to snatch all discretionary powers invested in top officials related to transfer, posting, promotion and recruitment.

It is seen that top officers seldom gives respect to merit and such powerful officers gives weightage to either bribe or recommendation of some other VIPs . As a result, such powerful and so called responsible officers rape talented and sincere performers and that too in the name of Merit and suitability.It is necessary to abolish the system of Interview for all in-house promotion systems. It is therefore necessary to bring about as much transparency as possible in all such processes.

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