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Underachiever Manmohan Singh Now Dubbed as Puppet and Flatterer to Sonia

After Time magazine calling Manmohan Singh as Underachiever, now UK based magazine ‘The Independent’ has dubbed Manmohan Singh as Poodle or Puppet of Sonia Gandhi.

Some of media men might be indulged in projecting Manmohan Singh as best Prime Minister and some of politicians may feel proud in saying that Manmohan Singh has no parallel but international community has well understood the real characteristic of so called great economist Manmohan Singh.

Congress Party may blame NDA or BJP for all non performance and media may be bought in propagating the line of Congress spokesmen like Manish Tiwari, the international community and foreign media have realised the truth of Indian economy.

Some of Indian Patriots in India may not like US or UK comment or interference in Indian internal matters and prefer blaming US and UK media men, but the bitter truth will not change.

When economics of an economist has failed , commentator will comment all over the world as from time to time Indian media men comment of  fiscal or political events of foreign countries. People of India have to ponder over ground reality of common men under reformation era led by Manmohan Singh and force Indian rulers to take immediate corrective steps.

Power crazy politicians for their vested interest may win the game of election by harping on slogan of Secularism, but people of India who are real victim of bad economics of Manmohan Singh will never forgive him and his party UPA.

Pain of common men due to relentless price rise and due to poorest quality of infrastructure has been increasing as time passes by, and they will teach a lesson to Manmohan Singh and his government sooner or the later. People of India want bread and butter, pure water, continuous electricity, safe house etc and not his DATA on GDP growth or Inflation 

Voters should not be misguided by dirty politics of Manmohan Singh and his party and give a united fight to remove UPA government from power as soon as possible.

Before it is too late and before, we Indians are subjected to slavery by multi- national companies, Indian stalwarts should come forward to stop bad economic and bad politics of current rulers. Secular vs communal card or quota card should not be allowed to perpetuate game of corruption and spoil the country's future.

Unregulated freedom has led to corruption and corruption only, has led to unprecedented profit making by business men fueling price rise and inflation and finally pilferage of all funds meant for social welfare has annoyed the common men to a considerable large extent.

Let us come together, forget our traditional differences, come out of narrow mindset based on caste or community and region or religion and try to reconcile our ideological differences and shed our ego to make India really great.

Last but not the least, politicians who are blind supporter of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and who are begging FDI should be ready to tolerate the comment of foreigners on Indian economic and Indian politics. After foreign investors who invest in India cannot be expected to keep their mouth and mind shut .

UK daily headline on PM dithers between 'poodle', 'puppet' and 'under-achiever'

A UK daily has been dithering online with its headline on the Indian Prime Minister. The Independent's story on Dr Manmohan Singh 

fluctuated this morning between asking if he is 

Sonia Gandhi's "poodle" or her "puppet." It's now 

settled on  asking if the PM is, as Timemagazine 

suggested last week, 'the underachiever'.

This morning, The Independent's website carried this headline - "Manmohan Singh: Saviour or Sonia's Poodle?" A few hours later, the headline had been amended to "Manmohan Singh: Saviour or Sonia's Puppet?" A few minutes late, it was back to "Poodle." (Read the article) And then, by 12.10 pm, it had taken refuge in Time magazine's headline last week to settle on "Mamnohan Singh: Saviour or the 'Under-Achiever'?"

The article offers few observations that go beyond what Time magazine made last week.
( collected from NDTV website )

Saviour or Sonia's poodle, asks UK paper about PM Manmohan Singh

NEW DELHI: Hailed abroad not too long ago as statesman and economic guru, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is at the receiving end of increasing harsh comment with British daily, The Independent, critiquing his tenure under a disparaging headline "Manmohan Singh - India's saviour or Sonia's poodle?"

The report, although less widely circulated than several others in the UK, is the latest foreign publication to question Singh's legacy and his capacity to regain control of a coalition reeling under corruption scams, an unresponsive bureaucracy, bullying allies and a freeze in reforms.

More damningly, The Independent refers to an unequal sharing of power between Singh and Sonia, saying "Observers say one of Singh's problems is that he has no genuine political power. Rather, he owes his position to Sonia Gandhi...This has meant he has sometimes been unable to even control his cabinet and his failure to more quickly address actions of coalition minister, accused of defrauding the country up to $40 billion in a telecom licence scam, led him to being accused of further weakness."

The report says Singh's reforming zeal has evaporated and slowed the country's growth while political opponents are attacking him for overseeing an administration mired in corruption and sloth. Reference points include the 5.3% growth shock of the first quarter and downgrades by rating agencies among other indicators of a slowing economy.

Reacting to the report in the British daily, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said, "It is unfortunate that some people misuse editorial licence. While criticism is to be taken in one's stride; what needs to be kept in mind is that criticism should not cross boundaries of decency and start bordering on the offensive and I do hope that people who are entrusted with the responsibility of handing of editorial content would definitely keep this submission in mind."

However, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad saw the report as a validation of his party's criticism of the PM. "The non-performance of the Manmohan Singh government has been known for long. Now well-known journals on whose certificates the PM and Congress used to bank on are saying the same thing. The important question remains on how Sonia Gandhi can escape responsibility as she is the source of the PM's political authority."

Like in a cover story in Time magazine recently, The Independent report suggests that time is fast running out for Singh if he wants to retrieve his legacy as the reformer who released India from the shackles of the socialist dogma with a path-breaking Budget in 1991 after the P V Narasimha Rao government took office.

Taken together, the spate of adverse reports in international publications represent a souring of mood on the man, who was not so long ago hailed as the author of India's success story and savant of global economy.

The Time cover with its sharp headline "Underachiever" had noted that the PM needs to emerge from his personal and political gloom if he is to retrieve the stalling India story. The report quoted political analysts to say Singh might yet pull off a recovery, but needed to shed his government's reluctance to move forward on reforms.

Prior to the Time cover, The Economist had referred to the PM as a "lame duck" in a report on his meeting with Pakistani president Asif Zardari. In another report, it noted that "Singh may not be remembered as the man who reformed India's economy, but the man who only got the job half done." The tone of other publications like the Financial Times has also become more questioning, wondering if Singh can actually quell disquiet over India's economic growth

From underachiever to poodle: It keeps getting worse for Manmohan

First it was a Time magazine cover that heaped coals of fire on Manmohan Singh‘s head by calling him an ‘underachiever’.
The report which said Singh needed to get out of his ‘personal and political gloom’ to set India back on the growth path, created huge buzz in the country as the media, government and opposition all pounced on it in their haste to react.
The Time magazine report, truth be told, said nothing new. Local media had already been pointing out the same problems with Singh’s administration and the opposition parties had been shouting ‘policy paralysis’ to anyone who would listen.

SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2012

Why India and Indian Feel Proud in Begging


Indian Financial Problems

I put a simple question before Finance Minister and Prime Minister what they have done to deal with Fiscal Crisis .The immediate solution visible to common men is to reduce imports which are avoidable and increase exports of such goods which are produced surplus in India.

As appears to common men , government has done nothing to reduce imports and increase exports when they feel that current account deficit and trade deficit is higher than acceptable ratio ;

Great Manmohan Singh

Learned and clever Manmohan Singh preaches sermons to honest officers ;

As long as person like Manmohan Singh is PM of India one cannot imagine of any action against corrupt politicians and corrupt ministers belonging to Congress parties and that to allies. He may be a well reputed and talented economist, he can be a good lecturer in college or a good teacher for students of economics, but he is totally failure in administration, he is acting as PM but it is he during whose tenure when fraud, cheating, misappropriation of money, naxalism, terrorism, price rise has gone up in unprecedented ratio and volume and it has become beyond control.
I as a common man think that if imports are reduced to bare minimum there is no doubt that all fiscal problems visible in the shape of current account deficit or trade deficit or falling rupee value will be solved .

Economist Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is habituated to commit mistake and then accept responsibility if he is exposed by Supreme Court or rebuked by opposition parties. In all cases of scam exposed in last two three years it is only Supreme Court that has forced the government as also CBI to initiate investigation against corrupt officials and ministers. Otherwise advocates of Congress Party like Kapil Sibal, Manu Singhwi, Digvijay Singh left no stone unturned to close the chapter of 2G, CWG, and Adarsh Society like scam etc. Even in case of appointment of CVC or in case of black money government tried its best to shut the mouth of crying media and that of leaders of opposition parties but the court did not find any merit in lame excuses submitted by the ruling party leaders.


Honourable Manmohan Singh

Theory without practice is impotent and practice without theory is blind.
Leaders like Manmohan Singh, Chidambram, Pranab Mukherjee and Montek Singh Ahulwalia may possess a good number of valued degrees in Economic and political science, but they have miserably failed in using economic principles and political ideologies for the betterment of common men and for overall development and equitable growth of the country.

Manmohan Singh should learn from Nitish

Anna has backing of crores of people of India. But MPs of all parties hesitate to listen to what he and his team is saying, they (parliament) may act but not before it is too late. Member of Parliament in general have ego and hence do not want to mix up with team Anna. Right to recall will be the appropriate answer to those MPs who completely forget the voters and who are busy in only earning ill-legal money and accumulate wealth. Party are calculating their winning probabilities but not serious on elimination of corruption.

It is unfortunate that even leaders of opposition parties are not clear on the issue. Many MP have not even gone through the bill which is a hot issue for debate in every nook and corner of the country. Most of MPs work and act as sheep, blindly follow party line, they speak the language of their mentors, and not at all act and speak their views keeping in view what is needed for the nation. They express their desire to fight out corrupt people from the system but do not want a hard and effective act to punish corrupt person. Most of Members of Parliament who talk of democracy and talk of debate and discussion have not even gone through the contents of government Lokpal Bill and Team Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill. Can they not sit day and night in Parliament to discuss every point of disputed Lokpal and come to consensus draft?


Pseudo Secularism is Great Hurdle in Path of Nationalism

It will not be wrong to say that ruling Congress party is bent upon raising the issue of secularism by hook or by crook to divert the minds of common men from the pain of price rise, unemployment and rampant corruption. It appears Congress Party is neither interested in elimination of corruption nor in protecting the unity and integrity of the nation.

It is unfortunate the leaders like Nitish Kumar have also become victim of such perilous act and devil like act and attitude of politicians associated directly or indirectly with Central government. 

Ruling party neither want to take revenge of Mumbai Terror attack nor like to punish various ministers and officers found guilty in various scams .

Person who is ambitious to acquire higher post do not bother of pain of common men and hence do not hesitate in supporting the candidature of Pranab Mukherjee for the post of President of India or supporting the financial policies of Pranab Da who left no stone unturned to increase the pain of common men and give all comforts to rich by imposing his wrong economic policies during his short tenure as Finance Minister of India.

Swaminathan S A Aiyar

Indians getting outraged at criticism abroad shows immaturity & inferiority complex

US President Barack Obama says India's investment climate is unsatisfactory and limits foreign direct investment in too many sectors. Time magazine has run a cover story calling Prime Minister Manmohan Singh an 'underachiever'. The outraged reaction of many Indians can only be called juvenile. 

Such criticisms are so commonplace - most Indian critics have been saying the same thing for years - that they should not be news at all. Yet, many Indians have responded with an outpouring of angst, outrage and conspiracy theories. These are like the angry tears of a spoiled child. Come on, grow up. 

Indian analysts and columnists have cried themselves hoarse about policy paralysis. So why get hot under the collar at the belated American discovery of India? Too many Indians yawn at criticism by their countrymen but go ballistic if a foreigner repeats the same criticism. This suggests a deep inferiority complex, a hangover from colonial times. 

The government came out with an official reaction trashing Obama. Whatever for? Corporate affairs ministerVeerappa Moily said international lobbies like Vodafone were spreading false stories, and Obama was not properly informed about India's strong economic fundamentals. 

Ridiculous! Capital goods production has been plummeting in India for a year, clear proof that not even Indian industrialists are investing. Many of them have said they are investing abroad because conditions are easier there. When such complaints are pouring in from every corner of India, it is hilarious for Moily to claim it is all a plot of Vodafone. 

Industry minister Anand Sharma declared, "policymaking is a sovereign right," and claimed that India actually had a very good investment climate that was attracting foreigners in a big way.

This will induce many sniggers, because Sharma himself was foiled by his coalition colleagues last year while trying to promote foreign investment in multi-brand retail. Instances like Sharma's humiliation are precisely what Obama is complaining about. 

Suppose Manmohan Singh gives an interview to an American journalist, and suppose he repeats the criticisms Indian businessmen routinely make about the US. The American media would ignore Singh's remarks as old hat. Obama's remarks merit the same treatment. 

US businessmen say the US corporate tax rate at 35% is one of the highest in the OECD, and hurts their competitiveness. US income tax, capital gains tax and estate duty are so high that some US businessmen - like Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook - have migrated to Singapore, which has far lower taxes. Recent US legislation (including the healthcare law) has hugely increased the regulatory and financial burden of US corporations. 

For instance, compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley law costs corporations $2 billion per year, and results in annual reports hundreds of pages long. Indian companies like TCS originally aimed to list their shares in the US, but found Sarbanes-Oxley so burdensome that they decided to list instead in Europe. 
Indian businessmen have other gripes. US protectionism is one of them. The US has started squeezing IT companies badly in the issue of visas to Indian software engineers. The US imposes social security taxes on Indian engineers on deputation to the US, but refuses to refund these when they return home.

State Bank of India and ICICI Bank will tell you how difficult it is to get additional bank branch licences in the US. If Manmohan Singh gives an interview to US business journalists, he will surely mention some of these grievances. Yet, there will be no reaction from US politicians or media. We should be just as mature. 

Most bizarre has been the India reaction to Time magazine's cover story on Manmohan Singh. Once a great magazine, Time is now dying and has rapidly declining US readership. Its cover story on Singh was limited to its Asian edition - it was not considered important enough for other editions. Yet, many Indian readers reacted as though this was a major US foreign policy move against India. 

A certain ex-Major general wrote, "I see the US as annoyed with India in an election year at having missed [out] on huge business in arms and nuclear reactor supply. US and Europe are in serious recession. The US has backed a wrong horse in Pakistan and its Af-Pak policy is in shambles.

Iran is beyond their ken and Israel demands action that the US isn't really keen on - the military option... China is causing grave unhappiness to the US policy think tanks and is challenging US suzerainty... It is difficult to believe that a major article like this could have happened without tacit US approval." 

Many others also see some sort of American political plot behind the Time cover story. I am astounded at so much ' bhav' being given to a dying American magazine that was once a big name. This reminds me of Simranjit Singh Mann's demands during the Khalistani agitation in Punjab.

As part of the greater autonomy for Punjab that he sought, he demanded that Amritsar should be made a major international airport receiving flights from Pan American Airways. He did not know that Pan American Airways, once the spearhead of US civil aviation, had gone bust and died! 

Foreign politicians and magazines are merely mirroring what many Indian critics have been saying for years. If you do not like the image that you see in the mirror, do not blame the mirror. Blame yourself.

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