Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Washington Post Calls Manmohan Singh as Inactive and Ineffective, Are They also puppet of BJP

No one in Congress Party has the guts to speak against High Command and hence I laugh when MPs of Congress Party talk of Democracy or Respect of Parliament.

Indira Gandhi changed the basic structure of the Constitution when she was defeate
d in a court case filed by her election opponent Mr. Raj Narayan. When Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her body guard , leaders of Congress Party created havoc in entire country and thousand of Sikh were butchered and police remained silent spectator entire riot for 7 to 10 days.

Congress Party under the regime of Rajiv Gandhi amended Constitution when the judgment of Supreme Court in Shah Bano case went against the feelings of Muslim lobby. 

Congress Party under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi is ready to amend the Constitution to please SC ST lobby because the Supreme Court has disallowed reservation in promotion process.

Congress Party is not ready to accept all audit report submitted by CAG, a constitutional authority. They are not ready to put into effect the GAAR and think it better to establish another committee to nullify the postpone GAAR

When MPs of Congress Party talk of respect to Constitution and preach sermon to BJP and other opposition parties, how do you feel?

Anyone who speaks against ruling Congress Party is termed by Congress Party as agent of RSS and BJP and any good idea presented by NDA, BJP or RSS or left parties are considered as anti secular, anti democracy and anti national.

In fact politicians who are mad to acquire power by hook or by crook can do anything to serve their vested interest , they can appease sometimes to Muslims to gain vote banks and sometimes raise a controversial issue of SC ST quota in promotion with a target to keep opposition parties at daggers drawn against each other.

Congress Party has been using the figure of Manmohan Singh as the flute and acting like Pide Piper .Congress Party is inclined to use the mask of Manmohan Singh to conceal all cases of corruption, problems related to price rise, inflation , unemployment , policy paralysis and what not

As regards Manmohan Singh , even foreign media have started accusing Manmohan singh of being underachiever or inactive or ineffective . It may be Washington post or Times magzine.I am very much sure Congress Party will point out their accusing finger towards BJP for instigating foreign media to write against their leader Manmohan Singh

I am of the strong opinion that "Theory without practice is impotent and practice without theory is blind".

Leaders like Manmohan Singh, Chidambram, Pranab Mukherjee and Montek Singh Ahulwalia may possess a good number of valued degrees in Economic and political science, but they have miserably failed in using economic principles and political ideologies for the betterment of common men and for overall development and equitable growth  of the country.

 Manmohan Singh may be clean and honest and simple too but he as head of the government has failed to stop corruption of his ministers.

 There may be many reputed advocates in the cabinet of Manmohan Singh, but they have completely failed to ensure quick and affordable justice to all.

 There may many wise men in the government ruling the country, but they have not performed well to provide affordable education to children of poor and middle class families.

 Policies of reformation, privatization, liberalization and globalization adopted by Manmohan Singh led government may have given benefits to a few hundred rich trade houses but failed to protect the interest of common men.

  Leaders of ruling UPA led by Congress Party may have experience of four to five decades in ruling the country but they have completely failed to ensure good governance and corruption free departments and failed to mitigate the hardship common men are facing in their day to day life.

 GDP growth of India may be comparable with China and may be higher than that of USA, UK, Japan, Germany and many other developed countries. But the government led by Manmohan Singh has completely failed to provide comfortable and respectful living for common men.

Price rise and pain of inflation is beyond control of the government. Manmohan Singh has given conflicting and confusing statement many times during last three four years on the issue of price rise but failed to convince aggrieved common men. Sometime he says that he has got no magic stick which can stop price rise and some other time he says that he says that price rise represents prosperity of Indians.

 He says that his government has been taking appropriate steps to contain price rise and have been making one after promises to control price rise, giving one after other dates by which prices of goods  will start coming down.RBI has taken a lot of monetary steps, revised interest rate 13 to 14 times and amended policies frequently to control price rise and inflation but failed to achieve the goal.

 Government of Manmohan Singh may blame BJP, NDA or other opposition parties for the failure of government , may promise for uncalled for reservation quota for Muslims or Dalits, may waive loans of farmers to the tune of billions of rupees, may torture Team Anna or Ramdeo and their followers but cannot change the perception of common men for long. Anger of common men against anti people attitude of the government is visible to all.

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