Thursday, October 4, 2012

Manmohan Style Reformation

New definition of REFORMATION as advocated and propagated by learned Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, learned Finance Minister Mr. Chidambram and their followers in RBI and in government is nothing but inviting foreigners to save Indian economy. Since 1991 learned economists of this country like Manmohan Singh could not solve the issue of financial crisis said to be created by Pre-1990 governments are now depending on foreigners to solve the same financial crisis aggravated by so called reformists during last two decades.

It is ironical that responsibility of treatment and rejuvenation of Indian sick economy has been given to those foreigners who have completely damaged the economic health of their own countries. Foreign destructors have become protectors of Indian economy in the eyes of Indian reformists. USA and European countries are themselves in acute financial crisis but they are good in the eyes of Indian politicians. Reformation in its new Awtar is nothing but foreign investment in India and giving all freedom to corporate houses and imposing all restrictions on Indian common men.Now India has to accept FDI oriented Indian economy as desired by Manmohan singh led UPA government.

Students who have chosen the Economic, political science, human science or social welfare or public administration or financial management as prime subject, they should know the new meaning of reformation propagated by Manmohan Singh led UPA government. Students should take class from Manmohan Singh to learn more about reformation and understand the greater dimension of reformation as defined by economist Manmohan Singh. Students should read the newspaper ‘Economic Times’ daily to read their definition of Reformation. Reformation means growth of capitalism and giving keys of all treasuries to corporate houses and foreigners.

  • Reformation  means allowing foreign direct investment in all sectors  such multi brand retail, insurance, bank, aviation , railways, defense and all such sectors where ministers and officials have finished their loot and completely damaged the system .
  • Reformation means curtailment in subsidy on fuel and fertilizers and increase prices of petrol, diesel and domestic gas as much as possible.
  • Reformation means maximum pouring of money in stock market from Foreign Investment Institutes (F I I).
  • Reformation means no control on price rise of essential commodities and permitting unbridled rise in stock value of all companies and all commodities.
  • Reformation means NIFTY and SENSEX should grow by 50 percent every year and FII flow to India should be maximum so that politicians and political parties accumulate as much wealth as possible.
  • Reformation means making all existing public sector banks so much sick that they cannot survive and on the contrary give full freedom to private banks and allow corrupt corporate to start new banks and exploit common men as much as possible.
  • Reformation means no interest on savings made by common men in banks but give maximum interest on bulk deposit made by corporate houses in banks.
  • Reformation means realization of maximum income tax from middle class families and no tax recovery from big corporate like Reliance, Tata, Infosys, Wipro etc who are earning billions of rupees every month.

  • Reformation does not mean change in attitude of officers and ministers.
  • It does not mean reforming education system to improve quality of teaching and making it affordable for common men.
  • Reformation does not mean improving health care system so that common men can expect medical treatment at affordable cost and with improved quality.
  • Reformation does not mean judicial reform to speed up delivery of justice to common men and ensure punishment to corrupt politicians and corrupt officials.
  • Reformation does not mean stopping corruption.
  • Reformation does not mean giving power to common men.reformation does not mean labour reform and stop exploitation of labour in the hands of privater companies like Maruti or kingfisher or ICICI .
  • Reformation means employees have to work late night and holidays so that per employee of banks, insurance companies and public sector undertaking increases.
  • Reformation does not mean creating employment opportunity by boosting up manufacturing sector and farm sector.
  • Reformation does not mean improving the quality of security system by improving the quality and by changing the attitude of police officials who are more or less pro-rich and anti poor.
  • Reformation does not mean improving the quality of service and level of performance of government officials and that of politicians.
  • Reformation does not mean end of flattery and bribery rampant in the corridors of politics and in offices related to administration.
  • Reformation does not mean electoral reform to stop criminals getting entry into Parliament.

  • Reformation means torturing persons like Arvind Kejriwal, Kiren Bedi , Bal Krishna by using CBI, ED, IT and all officials so that they stop their movement against corrupt politicians .
  • Reformation means using all government Agencies to teach a lesson to Saint and Yoga Guru Ramdeo .
  • Reformation means not to allow law enforcing agencies to punish scam masters like Kalamadi, and A Raja.
  • Reformation means all politicians are honest and saint but all those who raise voice against corrupt system are communal, anti-social and anti-national. 
  • Reformation means killing small traders and giving entire space to Foreign giants like Walmart and Tresco .
  • As per advocates of reformation ruling this country under the leadership of doctor Manmohan Singh, reformation means foreigners should bring their entire money to India to save the Indians from probable fiscal crisis created by corrupt politicians.
  • Reformations mean to divert the mind of common men from various scams and scandals of dirty ministers of UPA .
  • Reformation means to increase price of all commodities as much as possible so that common men cannot survive and rich people can earn maximum profit.
  • Reformation means to give interest concessions to corporate, subsidy to exporters and importers , reformation means to tax concessions to real estate builders, home loan takers , car loan takers , wine dealers, and to all those who create black money and give handsome donation to politicians ,ministers and political parties.
  • Reformation means no loan to farmers by bankers but by Micro Finance Institute at double the rate banks lends to exporters, real estate builders and coal miners.
  • Reformation means recovery of all taxes from poor and middle class people and all concessions to rich class.
  • Reformation means giving all mines and natural resources at negligible cost to kith and kin of politicians.

Last but not the least, for political parties who are supporting UPA government either from outside or from inside, reformation means not to allow BJP to come to power in the name of secularism. These parties are ready to sacrifice the nation interest and may allow the nation to go into the hands of foreign forces or terrorists but they can never allow the power to go in the hands of BJP or NDA.

For poor and downtrodden Indian mass, reformation means hassle free opening of NO-Frill accounts in banks. Ninety persons of Indian population do not have money to save in banks, but they will have to open a no-frill account in a bank. These poor Indians have nothing to lose, but they will have to insure them in the hands of foreign dominated insurance companies. These poor men do not have money to invest, but they will have to contribute in pension fund organized by foreigners. 

Billions of rupees are spent on rejuvenation of banks, in extending red carpet welcome to VIPS , ministers, CEOs and great politicians , in providing security to politicians and government officials but unfortunately the government does not have enough fund to arrange for ensuring proper infrastructure, adequate and affordable quality education  proper medical care, proper sanitary arrangement, proper cleaning of roads and offices, proper supply of pure drinking water and electric power to common men etc.

This is great India. Freedom fighters had a dream of  making India self reliant and making India stronger so that people of India get real freedom of slavery from British rulers. They never imagined that leaders of India will give back all economic powers to foreigners after six decades of their rule.

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