Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Respect for Parliament

If you have watched live debate in Parliament on the issue of FDI in retail, it will become clear that members of Parliament (MPs)  are not interested to listen to valuable views of colleagues and neither in maintaining discipline and in saving waste of time on non-issues. When a MP speaks others either sleep or cry so that even others cannot listen seriously.

Ruling party MPs are sure to win the vote because they have managed those who are opposed to FDI by blackmail tactics or by offering handsome fund in lieu of support. Opposition parties are poor in number and hence they are sure that their points against FDI will never be heard in Parliament. 

In fact government is bent upon introducing FDI despite large scale protest. Even their allies like DMK and many MPs of Congress Party itself are against FDI. Parties like SP and BSP are though against FDI and they have openly admitted in Parliament that FDI is against the interest of nation but they for the sake of power will vote in favour of FDI. In brief they are ready to act as anti -national only because they do not want BJP to win the vote. For these greedy parties , wealth, wine ,power and post for their colleagues are more important than the interest and image of the country.

Democracy means freedom of speech. One can express his opinion freely on any issue. But in our Parliament even members of Parliament are not free to speak freely on any issue. Even on the issue of FDI in retail, MPs were bound to obey party WHIP for survival. MPs of ruling party were not free to speak against the entry of FDI in retail even though many of them were really not in favour of FDI in retail. 

Is it true democracy or misuse of democracy by corrupt and greedy leaders of ruling parties?

DMK one of allies of UPA openly protested against FDI but preferred voting in favour of FDI to remain in power. 

Is it the spirit of democracy for which Congress men proudly claim and seek votes and try to tarnish the image of opposing parties?

Ruling party always preaches sermons on Parliamentary democracy and advocate debate on all issues on the floor of Parliament. But the way debate was going on in Parliament, one may without any hesitation say that debate was only formal and none was interested to listen what speakers are saying. It will not be an exaggeration to say that MPs of ruling party was not at all interested to understand the ins and outs of the issue of FDI, they were not listening to various points raised about pros and cons of the issue. They were claiming that they will win the vote, they were not bothered of merit and demerit of FDI. Obviously ruling party do not have therefore any moral to preach sermon to Arvind Kejeriwal or Anna Hazare to give important to debate in Parliament.

Congress Party spoilt five years in UPA I for passing of Nuclear bill but unfortunately our country has got no benefit during last five years despite passing of nuclear bill in the Parliament against the will of majority of MPS .Similarly FDI in retail has been forcefully introduced by ruling party in the country, but it is sure and there is no doubt that foreigners will never like to burn their fingers in India where administrative machinery is so much ineffective, weak and corrupt .

Obviously MPs are wasting valuable time of the country and playing in the hands of foreigners for their vested interest. They are not bothered of common men, neither retailers. In their view middle men are not Indians and hence they are not bothered even if their employment and business is spoiled by entry of companies like Walmart. 

Further Walmart has spoilt the future of farmers in USA, how they will improve the future of Indian farmers, only Rahul Gandhi can explain and his party headed by Manmohan Singh can explain. 

Even if it is assumed that Walmart like companies are allowed to increase foreign inflow , I would like to mention here that foreign inflow will definitely escalate for a year or two as long as foreigners spend on setting up their network in India .It is true that for a year or two due to favourable trade balance advocates of FDI will drink and dance and make import more and more liberal to extend benefits to domestic corporates houses too. But as soon as  work of foreign companies come into action they will import 70 percent of their product ( as per agreement with GOI ) and badly impact trade deficit and also cause further depreciation of Indian currency and downgrading of sovereign rating of the country.

Further advocates of FDI and FII may learn lessons from story and trend of stock market. As soon as inflow of FII goes up in stock market , share prices forms new height ( only shres which are bought by FII ) and when FIIs start seling any share entire share market collapses. As a result of this, retail investors burn their fingers. It is always happening in India that FII strategically first invest in a share and pushes up its price. Media propagates the theory of earning in share to attract retail investors and finally in greed retail investors are trapped in the net. When price of share make new heights , FII start selling , it is always retail investors who are to bear the loss.Similarly comppanies like Walmart will earn money and our poor farmers , retailers, small shopkeepers will lose their job and become victim of great players in the market.Big fishes eat small fishes, it is an old proverb.

Bitter truth is that companies like Walmart in USA have spoilt the future of farmers; Farming has been discarded by farmers in America. This is why government of America has been providing huge subsidy to farmers in USA.

Will Indian government also provide subsidy to farmers in the same way?

Even now Indian government has to fix support price for wheat, sugarcane and other food grains. 

Will Indian government continue to fix Minimum support price for such food grain items even after entry of Walmart and other foreign companies? Will our clever government force Walmart to buy wheat from farmers at prices fixed by Government of India as hitherto they are forcing domestic buyers like FCI to maintain price equilibrium in the market. When produce of any grain goes up , either farmers are constrained to sell the product at throw away price or throw the product on road (as in case of tomato and onion ). In some cases government extend helping hand and decide to purchase or allow export of such over produced goods. 

Will GOI act in a similar manner even when foreign companies start their business in India?

Leaders of Congress Party plead that Walmart will directly buy food grains from farmers and eliminate as many as eight to ten middlemen ( as said by Kapil sibal in Parliament during debate on FDI ) and hence consumers will get the same at lower price. As a matter of fact it is not possible for any company including foreign companies, to buy farm produce directly from farmers. Even If we admit it as Kapil says, I hope eight to ten middlemen will be losing their job. 

Will government bring out any policy of rehabilitation of these losers?

How government will ensure that foreign companies will pay handsome price to farmers and how the GOI will act if these foreign companies start buying at lowest price and selling at highest price earning 400 to 500 percent profit?

What will the controlling tools in the hands of government to contain price rise and to ensure justified price to farmers?

Has government made any arrangement for foreign companies to ensure continuous power supply and adequate road for foreign companies so that they may collect produce from farmers and keep the same in cold storage which will be constructed by foreigners.

 ( India has surrendered and India is hoping that foreigners will construct cold storage and warehouses to store farm produces . Indian corporate and Indian government is so much poor and weak that they cannot construct cold storage and warehouses for keeping extra good grains safely, but they can spend thousand of crore of ruppes in organisation of CWG or IPL)

Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj Party Leaders like Mulayam and Mayawati who spoke in Parliament that policy of FDI is against the interest of the country . Still they preferred boycotting vote to ensure victory of ruling Congress Party. 

Are they not anti-nationals and are they not using politics for their personal interest and personal gain at the cost of common men, middlemen, consumers and overall image of the nation?

In brief and to conclude my submission I can say without hesitation that elected Members of Parliament are not acting for the benefit of voters and common men but for the benefit of their party, corporate from where they get fund to contest election and foreigners on whom lies the survival of Indian financial system. 

Most of ruling parties MPs are doing their own business and MPs are openly traded by ruling party to win the vote in Parliament .Ruling party MPs buy MPs of other parties to ensure their majority in Parliament and for survival of their government. This is why despite having no majority in Parliament , having less than 20 percent of votes Congress Party is running this country.

Victory of ruling party in Parliament is nothing but defeat of common men , middlemen ( to whom government want to remove) and consumers and farmers.

  • Last but not the least, Central government wants to divide the country by leaving the issue of FDI on state governments. Suppose Congress Party is in power in Delhi and they accept FDI now. If Congress party is defeated in next election and BJP gets the majority and come to power. 
  • Will Non -Congress Party like BJP be in a position to discard FDI?
  • If Congress party allows nine subsidied cylinders in Delhi, will BJP in a position to reduce it to six if they come to power?
  • May I say Congress Party is trying to disintegrate Federal structure of India and force the country to meet the same fate as USSR face two decades ago ?
  • I am unable to understand why persons like Arvind Kejriwal, Kiren Bedi, Anna Hazare; members of AAP, Team Anna are silent on this serious issue? 
  • Are they (AAP) not bothered of such anti- national decision taken by ruling party despite majority of MPs having opinion against FDI in retail?
  • Lastly even if it is admitted that FDI is boon for the country and  it is not curse as propagated by opponents , I would like to ask pleaders of FDI , why did they not try to make people understand the benefits of FDI through mass campaign , why MPS of ruling parties did not keep valid point in Parliament to convince Opposing MPs and why did they not make any effort to create consensus? Why leaders of Congress Party thought it wise to suddenly go contrary to commitment made by them in Parliament a year ago?

It is important to mention here that even US government has not allowed Walmart like companies to open their chain of shops in big cities like Newyork and Washington. Government of USA has allowed Walmart to open their retail chain in rural areas and small towns only whereas clever leaders of Indian government has allowed Walmart to open their shops only in big cities and Metros. If foreign companies are forced to open their retain chain in only rural areas and small towns like USA , there may be little hope that these companies will buy farm produce directly from farmers and small scale industries and only then dream of reduction in number of middlemen and  brokers may be fulfilled by pleaders of FDI.

Moreover there are already numerous retail marts working in metros and big cities. There is no need further to add foreign companies and give a further rise in prices of real estate. If foreign companies will help in reducing prices for the benefit of consumers and increase price for the benefit of farmers , these companies may prove more helpful in rural areas and small towns which are deprived of retail mart till now.

It is worthwhile to mention here that this clever and corrupt government in the name of reformation allowed private companies to open private banks in 1991, but did not force them to open branches in rural areas to serve poor Indians. As a result they opened their branches only in big cities and snatched business of state run banks.

To add fuel to fire, this government forced state run banks to open branches only in rural areas and increase farm lending and open FI branches to spread its network upto remote villages. As a result of state run banks have to face continuous rise in bad assets and continuous erosion in their profitability whereas profits of private banks have been rising by leaps and bounds. None of foreign banks have been even advised to open their branches in rural areas to serve farmers and small traders.

Obviously this government is least bothered of pain rural India and major chunk of Indian population  is suffering , they are bent upon giving entire benefits of their policy to large corporate houses or foreign companies. There is no doubt in it that for the sake of political gain , current ruling party has been selling the interest of common men and shed crocodile tears for common men while delivering lectures in public rally . They are obviously stabbing common men from the back

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