Friday, January 11, 2013

Non Compliance Of RBI Orders BY Public Sector Banks

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Tough times are not yet over for PSU banks. These banks are set to see higher provisioning before the end of the financial year. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued an order saying that the central bank's inspection findings, which were so far taken lightly, must henceforth be complied with immediately and the auditor must certify the compliance. CNBC-TV18’s Gopika Gopakumar reports.

RBI has come down heavily on banks for not complying with the regulators annual inspection report findings. In a notification released last year the RBI had told banks to take the inspection findings seriously and to comply with them immediately after receiving the report.

Currently the regulator says, banks do not pay much heed to the inspection findings and therefore that distorts the financial position of most banks. The findings are mainly with regards to additional provision that banks have to make with regards to non-performing asset (NPA) or over assessment of income.

There is definitely truth in saying that bankers are not complying properly prudential norms set by RBI. directives of regulators and policies framed by Government of India .This is why volume of loss caused by fraud and to be caused by rising quantum of non performing assets is increasing quarter after quarter.

Banks continue to restructure the accounts of bad borrowers to conceal real volume of bad assets and to avoid provisioning as required by RBI. In this way top bankers are booking artificial higher and inflated profit and keeping Ministers and investors happy by distribution of dividend.

They are due to such unethical acts damaging the future of depositors who keep their hard earned money in banks for safety and growth. Not only this capital of banks is facing erosion year after year which forces GOI to infuse capital from time to time for survival of these public sector banks.

Obviously need of the hour is that RBI should ensure honest and  strict monitoring and inspection of all banks especially all big borrower's accounts enjoying limit of more than 5 crores or 10 crore or 100 crore depending upon available manpower.  Loose control or inadequate control or lack of control may slowly jeopardize the existence of bank and ultimately adversely affect the future of deposits of common men.

Not only this ,GOI will have to activate administrative and judicial bodies to ensure quick disposal of cases pending in various courts, offices of certificate officers, Debt Recovery Tribunals, High Courts , Office of District Magistrates in matter related to possession of properties under SERFACI Act etc. They will have to punish Chartered Accountants, Valuers of Property, Advocates, bankers who in nexus with bad borrowers cause loss to bank to earn illegal wealth for their personal use .

It is the habit of politicians : They first misuse the Public sector undertakings and when the loss becomes beyond control they put entire blame either on employees of such PSUs or on global recession or natural constraints and finally provide government aid to  keep such sick and crippling  PSU alive and earn the sympathy of voters. 

This is the fate of BSNL, Railways, Airlines, Insurance Companies, and banks . Same is the fate of numerous other PSUs which are totally eaten by corrupt politicians. Fate of Coal India Ltd is visible to all and very soon they will see exposure of real worth of various other PSUs including banks and insurance companies if the regulators do not take the current situation seriously and act seriously to ensure best health of PSUs . 

It is unfortunate that they the politicians are busy in selling PSUs and giving all powers to private sector businessmen and inviting aggravated  exploitation of labour class in the hands of these uncontrolled profit makers.

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