Friday, March 29, 2013

Mulayam AND Manmohan

Samajwadi Party Supremo Sri Mulayam Singh says that leaders of Congress party are clever, corrupt and cheat. He says that Congress Party is using CBI to terrorize his party in particular and all opponents in general.

He however assures leaders of Congress Party that will not withdraw support from the government.

Can you say ----Why?

Is he doing so because he afraid of losing Muslim Votes?
Is he afraid of exposure of corruption of leaders of his own party?

Indians are blessed with bundle of fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to choose place of stay and profession and so on. They are further blessed with Right to Information, Right to acquire education, right to get employment, right to get subsidized food, fuel and funeral. Congress Party is proud to say that his party has given all rights to Indians.

Still majority of Indians are illiterate (or having degree without knowledge), they cannot afford quality education. Majority of Indians are not having enough money to have quality food.

Majority of Indians are sick of malnutrition. Most of Indians are not having enough money to spend on medical care. Government hospitals are more often than not used only for post mortem and for those who are denied treatment by private nursing homes.

Majority of Indians are not getting employment because they are unskilled and fit for only getting alms under MANREGA.

Indians have got the right to seek information but they are unable to ensure action against guilty and against corrupt leaders who are sitting at powerful posts in the country.

Manmohan Singh is said to be clean but leader of corrupt leaders. He is makers of laws and rules but not responsible to enforce laws and rules judiciously.

Poor, innocent, helpless and fearful Indians could not dream of respectful living, cannot dream of justice and cannot imagine of getting even essentials of life under the rule of Sri Manmohan Singh who always blames NDA and BJP for all his faults and for all deficiencies in the system working under him .

Manmohan Singh is considered as best economist of the world, but development takes place in the state of Gujarat, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh etc where the head of the state is neither expert in economics nor as clever as Manmohan Singh.

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