Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Banks Want Appeal In supreme Court on Campus Hiring

Officers selected and appointed in banks through All India Competitive examination in scale I are considered inferior by corrupt team of top bankers who prefer campus hiring. These corrupt bankers go to a campus where a few of their known children are admitted and give them job in higher scale II or scale III. Corrupt officers do not hesitate even in paying double the salary because they have been given free hand by RBI and Ministry of  Finance in the name of reformation.

( If Officers selected through All India test in scale I as probationary officers are really inferior , then entire team who took part in recruitment  process for recruitment of Probationary Officers in the bank may be treated as inefficient , corrupt and incapable and hence it is they who deserve immediate punishment and removal from bank's service. Similarly clerks who have been working in the same bank for decades awaiting promotion are not still fit for promotion , Banks should close their HR deaprtment and Training centers on which crores of rupees are spent every year)

When these officers (recruited through campus ) join bank, they perform the same work which Probationary Officers recruited in Scale I through ALL India test use to perform. POs are doing the job at total average salary of say Rs.25000 which scale III officer drawing an average salary of Rs.50000 will do.

Further Scale I officers who have served the bank for a decade or two or even three are considered inferior in promotion process for promotion of scale III officer to scale IV officer whereas a campus recruited scale III officer is promoted to scale IV even after having banking exposure of two or three years.

For promoting an officer from scale I to scale II banks required experience, rural posting, educational qualification,good marks in APAR ,group discussion , computer skill test, written test and finally good score in Interview and they want to select only one out of four candidate applied for promotion. But in case of campus hiring in scale I or in scale III they do not require any such pre-conditions.Corrupt top bankers who prefer campus hiring can judge the quality of freshers in IIM colleges in two minutes of their interview whereas same top bankjers cannot judge the quality of existing and already serving officers in junior scales for  two or three decades 

Campus hiring is a tool in the hands of top ranked officers to earn money by bribe or to recruit their kith and kin in the name of talent. In my opinion, campus hiring by public sector banks is nothing but unconstitutional and illegal and gives scope for nepotism ,bribery and flattery only. I therefore salute Judges of Mumbai High court who have treated such campus hiring as illegal and unconstitutional and I hope the lines of judgement will open the eyes of all regulators like RBI and Ministry of Finance if honesty is left to little extent.

 Not only this ,such type of campus hiring is enough to produce  discouragement and frustration  among the existing workforce who have to work under a much junior officer and thus badly affects the work culture . This is direct loss to bank not only in money terms but also this damages the quality of assets.

Top ranked bankers who are still advocating campus hiring and who are advocating appeal in Supreme Court against high court order are real enemy of bank and they must be taken to task by government of India and RBI. It is these ill motivated greedy officers who have caused rise in bad assets through their complete negligence and lack of monitoring because they are always busy in earning bribe and costly gifts.

I would rather like to request Ministry of Finance to act fact and ensure all evil motivated recruitment made by these corrupt bankers in the past are cancelled and those who recruited officers through illegal means and wrong ways must be punished so that in future none of top bankers dare acting in whimsical manner.

They should keep in mind that three decades ago probationary officers recruited in banks used to treated at par with IAS and IPS officer and the quality of PO used to be the best and the performance of branches headed by these POs used to be the best .

Unfortunately the rampant corruption at top level has damaged the work culture completely. For this evil culture, GOI and MOF are also responsible who use to appoint Executive Director and Managing Director after taking lacs and crores of rupees as bribe through their juniors and various middlemen ( including corporate houses) working under them .

At least people will now believe after hearing the news of nephew of Railway Minister Sri Pawn Bansal who has been arrested by CBI on similar charges of bribing. This is not astonishing for me because in my opinion this has remained a regular phenomenon. And this is why none is interested to stop such unhealthy practices.

CBI should be asked to investigate how much money is paid by business schools , MBA collages, Technical course Colleges and top ranked graduation course colleges to top ranked bankers for calling them in their campuses for recruitment. Private IT sectors or other private companies are obliged in various manners for inviting them in their campuses for recruiting freshers in job in their companies by various colleges and institutes.

Will government allow such unethical practices to continue in government department and in public sector undertakings?

If yes, will  ministers recruit their Chief Secretaries directly from campus at the cost of future of IAS officers serving at low level for decades?

Will government allow PSUs to recruit engineers and UPSC to recruit IAS officers from IIM and IITs in the same way banks are bent upon recruiting youth from IIMs and IITs despite adverse court order from Mumbai High Court and against the spirit of Constitution which advocates equal opportunities for all?

Vigilance officials say their task is daunting, as complaints of irregularities start pouring in once a candidate has been selected. "There are all kinds of complaints. Some as frivolous as that the candidate has distributed gold coins in the ministry," a finance ministry official said, adding that in some cases the complainants and addresses were fictional or the objections were filed on forged letterheads. 

Click on following link to read more or rampant corruption in banks and specially in promotion and postings

PSU banks stop hiring from B-Schools after court order--Business Standard

Central Bank of India to appeal to SC against order

Public sector banks are now planning to appeal in the Supreme Court against the restriction imposed on hiring from business schools. A recent ruling by the Bombay High Court had said restrained campus recruitment for appointment of officers by Central Bank of India.

M V Tanksale, chairman and managing director, Central Bank of India said his bank will appeal in Supreme Court against the Bombay High Court ruling that restrained the bank from recruiting MBAs through selection at campus. He added that the bank is picking up management graduates from campuses for specialised jobs under autonomy granted by the government, which is their owner.

Another top executive with a large public sector bank said while the high court verdict may have been in case of specific bank, it is going to have implications for other public sector banks also. The official added that the issue will be taken up with the Indian Banks Association.

Management institutes are the most preferred destination to recruit talent for the special posts in banks. With good talent available aplenty, the banks do not need to scout for talent elsewhere. Hence, banks prefer to go for campus hiring and pick students, especially from finance and marketing/strategy backgrounds.

"Being listed entities there is expectation to work with private sector efficiency. Public sector entities tend to get the residual talent from management campuses, so for us  it is quite a challenge to do a balancing act," a public sector bank official added.

While the court decision has been bank-specific, other banks have also followed the judgement. Shubhalakshmi Panse, Chairperson & Managing Director, Allahabad Bank said, "We were going to campuses till last year. But there has been some court case because of which we are now not allowed to hire from campuses. That is why we are recruiting through IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection)."

She added that till the final judgement comes, they will be recruiting through IBPS. IBPS is an organisation which helps client organisation recruit personnel for the various roles.

The Institute not only helps to identify talent to be sourced from the market through the recruitment process but also helps to identify employees within organizations with the necessary competencies to cope with roles and responsibilities.

Though management institutes have mostly completed final placement process, they are worried that this decision will affect their students in the coming period.

"Given the slump in the job market, public sector banks were offering good positions with decent packages for students. Now, it is going to be further challenging for students to find a secure job," said the placement head of a Mumbai-based business school.

Human resource consultants also explained that management students hopeful of getting placed with public sector banks would have to find other options. The senior official of a New Delhi based HR consultancy, who is involved in public sector recruitments said that government banks are preferred by students as they offer job security.

"While pay packages may not be very high, these candidates are comforted by the fact that these firms do not have a hire-and-fire policy. Especially when the job market is slow, these banks could have offered excellent career opportunities," the consultant said.


  1. I can't understand why people are so jealous about campus recruitment..
    Recruitment from a good college which has taken admission on the basis of cat score is absolutely right. Mark my word that students who have scored well in cat can easily qualify any Bank Po exam, but very few who qualify Bank PO exams are capable of cracking CAT.
    Agree that Hiring from a lower grade college which have not proper admissions criteria is wrong. So you can not blame ALL Bcoz of few.
    Even in PO recruitment many unfair means are used. SO should it be stopped also???
    The Campus recruitment policy should be tightened, but not be stopped.

    1. It is absolutely right that a person who can crack CAT can pass PO test but a person who is PO may not necessarily be able to crack CAT. But the question is that in campus hiring, it is not necessary that the employer will pick up only talented boys from CAT scorer only. When power comes in the hands of executives, he may go to any reputed or not- reputed campus where his relatives are admitted and employ his own boys and girls in the name of talent. It is also true that few of POs recruited through ALL India test are also weak, corrupt and inefficient. But this does not mean that employer should be given absolute power to pick their staff from any campus as per their whims and fancies.

      Moreover the number of good CAT scorer is not more than 5 percent of total MBA available in India. If campus hiring is done only from IIM or IIT colleges, what will be the fate of those MBAs who are though talented but who are unfortunately admitted in other colleges?

      As such it is not a question whether campus hiring is good or bad, it is the question of honesty of employer. In public sector the general managers who are empowered to recruit from campus do not look into quality of guys but the bribe or gift he or she offers to middlemen. In private sector employer pick up only those candidate who can enhance business growth.

      There are hundreds of such unemployed youth who are not admitted into IIM or IIT due to various reasons, but their knowledge level is remarkable high. There are many youth who are resident of small towns and villages who are talented but will never get an opportunity to crack bank PO exam If all banks are permitted to fill the vacancies from campus.

      Will anyone still consider Campus hiring as proper, legal and constitutional?

      It is perhaps known to all that most of MNCs and big companies in IT sector go to reputed technical colleges in Bangalore and Chennai and reputed colleges of MBA. Student s of other less reputed colleges may be more talented but he or she will not get an opportunity to get job offer in campus. Our Constitution does not allow discrimination in employment opportunities especially to employer coming under government control.

      It is therefore advised in the Constitution that public sector employer should conduct exams and interview to give employment in a more clear and transparent manner so that manipulation and misuse of power may not spoil the future of not only unemployed youth but also the future of PSUs.

      Some of the banks use to say that they pick officer from campuses for specialist job. In my opinion IIM colleges teach marketing tactics but not teach banking or credit processing or forex dealing etc There are many officers recruited from campus as credit officer in banks but in fact that they not know ABC of credit processing . They learn credit processing only by working in credit department for a year or two which any other officer can also learn who has been recruited through All India test .

      In such position , the act of bank management of recruiting credit officer directly in scale III and not giving the same opportunity to scale I officer who are well versed in credit and who are waiting for promotion since long is totally improper, and illegal and unjustified.

      I therefore have no hesitation in saying that bank management who are advocating campus hiring are not interested for the gain of bank but for serving their vested interest only. Power usually corrupts person and absolute power promotes total corruption .Everyone must keep this in mind.

      What I mean to say that students enrolled in IIM colleges or IIT colleges are not only talented, students of other MBA and Technical colleges are also talented and they must be given equal opportunity in employment by all government departments.

  2. Dear Danendra,

    I agree with your point that banks are not maintaining total transparency in campus recruitment, but at the same time banning recruitment from all the institutes is not a solution. Students from institutes like NIBM are far better than PO candidates, check any bank's treasury and risk management dept and you will find NIBM students there. Apart from that NIBM is owned by RBI and Public sector banks only and selection process is highly competitive, students who are admitted there have more than 90 percentile, such students can crack PO exams anydays. so treating all the institute with a single logic will not do any good to public sector banks. i am totally agree with you that there are back door and donation entries in private MBA institutes from where banks recruit but at the same time banks recruit from good govt institutes also. I hope banks will find a proper solution of this problem otherwise banning campus recruitment wont do any good to banks.


    1. Mr. have u checked every banks treasury .can anyone even do that...don't talk rubbish...even that is so. it can not be fair because u have not given a chance to other mba holders to see their banking management proficiency.

    2. if that is so why have banks accumulated huge npas over last decade may be these direct through campus hired managers are the reason behind this poor condition of public sector banks.icici has these type of managers and they did that money laundering for once lets stop it and then see if banks recovers.

  3. do u even understands the right of equality.u r stating that indian psb should just rely on nibm to produce good mba hoders for all eternity. no one in his right mind would suggest that or going to just a few mba colleges to recruite, leaving other mba college students and not even giving those candidates a chance for even apply or compete for these public vacancies. these are carmans of bank then would not do that unless for personal benefit.every citizen has the right over these public sector vacancy and if he has qualifying degree then he should be able to compete for that psb mba college can ever be assumed to have best mba graduates because some mba holders from low reputed mba schools might always be better unless we organize a common exam for judging their mba proficiency and create an opportunity for all mba skill holders . cat can not full-fill that purpose because it judges candidates knowledge before he did mba.and besides if as u r saying that iim or nibm grads can always crack ibps po then where is the dfficulty for u.or u r scared of little banking awareness.andi f it would have been right why would a chief judge give order against it.we are in no better condition then him he is the protector of constitution........and if u r right then why dont we recruite ias from top mba colleges......think!!!

  4. Good news for everyone who have to give competitive exams is conducted by IBPS. Thank Bombay High court for justified equality against M V Tanksale's injustice