Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What Is Wrong With Arvind Kejriwal?

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi perhaps does not trust Lt Governor and has ego problem with LG Mr. Jung .He did not trust Congress Party when was last time in power at Delhi. He does not trust BJP led government. He does not have full trust on Indian judiciary , President of India, LG or Central government and even Constitution of India. He doubts honesty and integrity  of all Delhi officials and police personnel . He cannot wait till court decides a case he files or his opponents file against him. He does not trust Media men and treat them as enemy of AAP government. He does not want to follow the traditions by which Delhi has been ruled for last two decades and more. If anyone objects his decision or quote ruling of  the Constitution, he is tagged as agent of Modi or Sonia. If his unconstitutional decisions for Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) are questioned by any party , he says that only corrupt officials and corrupt politicians are afraid of his party Aam Admi Party (AAP) and Mr. Kejriwal.

Mr. Kejriwal has imported police officer from Bihar. He will import  more officers  from Bihar , UP,WB etc- non-BJP states .I do not know how he is hundred percent sure about honesty, integrity, capacity , potential, knowledge, managerial skill  and overall efficiency of officers imported from other states. I am unable to understand why he fails to find good officers in Delhi placed officials. I do not understand why he avoids discussion these matters of recruitment, deputation, transfer and posting with LG. But this is sure that by his abnormal actions ,Mr. Kejriwal has tried to prove that officials posted in Delhi are all biased and dishonest and at the same time he has brightened the image of officers of Bihar and such other states.

It will not be an exaggeration or unimaginable  to conclude here that if unfortunately any of his family member or his colleagues does not cooperate or do not cook tasteful dish or become sick , perhaps Mr. Kejriwal will blame Modi government, BJP and Congress Party .  He and his colleagues should consume foods which are fully tasted and attested. He is perhaps for this reason likely to purchase costly instrument of mass snooping and for collecting all hidden information.

I request leaders of BJP and Congress Party to keep them away from Delhi politics for at least one year so that Mr. Kejriwal and his party is able to perform freely and will not get opportunity to blame other for his failure.to boycott AAP for a year. Let LG and CM settle their issues and if they are unable to resolve any issue , let the court explain the position in the light of Constitution. Let each issue escalate to judiciary and let it be decided once for all. Let Mr. Kejriwal ,his colleagues and LG understand what is provided in India rule book . Let them decide all issues in court of law.

I request media men to stop their dirty politics focussed and targeted to raise their TRP. Media men bring people of all three and four parties on TV and conduct debate on petty matters which becomes a laughing stock for Indian intellectuals sitting in India or abroad. Even world leaders may be laughing  at Indian brand debates going on Indian TV channels for last few years. Media men who try to search dirty point in all matters to produce an episode and increase their TRP should also try to protect image of the country.

Politicians may be associated with any party , they are basically Indian citizen and it is their duty to behave in civilised way in public domain and do not indulge in childlike quarrels on small issues on TV which is watched by world leaders and international media men keenly and with full seriousness.

Officers or police should be imported from Bihar or not is not the issue here to be questioned by me, but the matter of concern is the irritating debate conducted daily on TV channels on such issues in one form or the other comes .

Last but not the least , Mr. Kejriwal always says that he has got unprecedented mandate from people of Delhi by winning 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi. He does not believe in existing rules and laws and want to frame his own rule for himself. He does not consider Mr. Modi as Head of a democratically elected government. Mr. Modi is Head of entire country representing 125 crore of people and enjoys majority in Parliament. But In the eye of Kejriwal , Mr. Modi has got no right to guide him . His ego is deeply hurt if Mr. Modi or any of his minister give him any suggestion. His ego is hurt if LG gives any advice to him.

If fortunately or unfortunately , BJP wins the election in Bihar and other states also , Mr. Kejriwal will have to import good officers and good police officers from other countries like Pakistan . I say Pakistan because other countries have developed good relation with Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Kejriwal do not believe and trust on anyone who is directly or indirectly associated with Mr. Modi or his government.

NDTV News Of Today 2nd June 2015
New Delhi:  There is a new flash-point in the turf war between Delhi's Aam Aadmi Party government and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, who represents the Centre, this time over inducting policemen from Bihar in the capital's Anti-Corruption Bureau or ACB.
Here are the latest developments:
  1. Five Bihar Police personnel have joined Delhi's ACB after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested other states to depute policemen for it.
  2. Sources said he has sent requests to non-BJP chief ministers like Bihar's Nitish Kumar, West Bengal's Mamata Banerjee and Naveen Patnaik in Odisha to help fill vacancies in the understaffed ACB.
  3. Signalling the beginning of a new battle, the Lieutenant Governor's office said this morning that it has so far received no "proposal for the deputation of such personnel from outside Delhi Police."
  4. It emphasised, "The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Delhi, being a police station, functions under the authority, control and supervision of the Lt. Governor, a position that has also been clarified by the Ministry of Home Affairs", referring to the Centre's controversial order of May 21.
  5. Mr Kejriwal's AAP has hit back at Mr Jung with senior leader Ashutosh saying, "The Lieutenant Governor is being controlled and directed by the Centre. The Lieutenant Governor is becoming a hurdle." He also alleged, "The BJP doesn't want a strong ACB in Delhi." BJP's Nalin Kohli countered, "There is no police function without the Delhi government. However, he (Arvind Kejriwal) has power, but he is doing nothing."
  6. An earlier episode in the battle for control between Mr Kejriwal and Mr Jung is in court now, where the Delhi government has challenged the Centre's order that the Lieutenant Governor is the final authority on administrative matters like the appointment of bureaucrats and the Delhi Police.
  7. The Delhi High Court has asked the Centre to explain its notification at the next hearing. The High Court had earlier described the order as "suspect," but the Supreme Court has directed that future hearings should not be influenced by that remark.
  8. Mr Kejriwal has sought support from other chief ministers over what he calls the Modi government's attack on the federal structure. AAP wants full statehood for Delhi, where the Centre controls key functions through the Lieutenant Governor.
  9. The Delhi Police and the state government's ACB have recently faced off after some of the former's personnel were arrested by the anti-graft unit in cases of alleged bribery.
  10. The move to induct policemen from Bihar and other states is seen as aimed at reducing the ACB's reliance on the Delhi Police. A request for nearly 600 officers is pending with the Delhi Police, who say they have a staff crunch.              

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