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Mobile Responsible For Rise In Rape Cases?

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan today held mobile phones responsible for rape of minors saying misuse of these gadgets by the younger generation has led to an alarming rise in such cases. “Rape cases have increased due to misuse of mobile phones by the younger generation. They watch dirty films on the mobile phones,” he claimed, adding, “these films show objectionable things.” Azam Khan has in brief accepted  that mobile is responsible for rising number of rape cases. It is a serious issue why after all cases of rapes are increasing day by day.

Leaders are blaming each other. Some of them are blaming police and some to Modi or Kejriwal or Lalu or Nitish or Mulayam or some to entire government of the state since long .Political blame game continues. Several cases like Damini has taken place . But no improvement is visible. Media is polluting atmosphere by giving it colour of caste and community or dalit or minority and thus engaging minds of people and earning higher TRP. None of them or very few of them treat the case of rape as black spot on entire humanity and that on civilisation.

One point is however clear that the process of accusation and debate on media and then promise to take proper steps starts after each rape. Media makes havoc after each incident. Candle light processions are taken out. Protest march against government is taken out to blame government of the state or to blame police for inaction. Unfortunately none of them looks into root cause . Participants in media debates or in social reform committee formed to get rid of this social evil  normally try to justify their own political party or their community or their caste people and some of them even suggest valuable advice too. But all these debates and their findings are never put into effect.  

Some leaders suggest there should be CCTV in all buses and in all public places as if rapist will carry out the heinous act before CCTV. Some of them suggest that girl child should stop moving in late night or some suggest that girl should wear full body dresses like Burka and some other suggest that male child should be well cultured. Some suggest posting of police in all trains. Some suggest educating boys and girls sex in schools and colleges. Some plead freedom and justify misuse of sex in the name of individual freedom. Some of them suggest restrictions on TV channels who are polluting young minds by serving them vulgarity .Some people ban on porno sites and monitoring of materials served through internet services . But all these suggestions are either ridiculed by some others or confined to debates on TV or corner meetings .

Time has come to seriously think over it. Otherwise people and media men will continue to play blame game but crime will never stop.

I do not say here that Azam Khan is fully right or fully wrong. Some clever people and some clever journalists and some freedom lovers will make mockery of Azam Khan and ridicule whoever points accusing finger towards mobile or similar reasons for rising rape cases.

But I also feel that time has come to think why people are not sparing even child baby or old lady or even a dead body. It is not purely a question of only law and order or that of governance or administration. It is a case beyond police weakness or poor governance.

Cases of rape is an act which can be carried out by various types of cheating methods , by pretending as friend or by offering to marry or by intimidating or by blackmail or by using internet or by using ugly sites, by using wine, drugs and other intoxicating materials and so on. Some social scientists point out dressing of girls as reason behind rising rape cases, some blame materials shown in cinemas, some blame vulgarity in internet, some blame porno sites and some even blame parent of rapists . Some justify rape by saying that it has been occurring in every era and in every country and in every state. Reasons may be various and different in different cases.

Root of crime goes deep into quality of culture, nourishing, education, friends, freedom and so on . Whatever may be the reasons, we have to stop blame game and try to reform mentality and try to strike at all root causes which creates provocative attitude and promote crime like rape.

  • We have to think after all why these cases are rising even though each government use to claim that they are taking proper care and even though there is a provision of  stern punishment to rapists and to those who support rape.
  • We have to think seriously after all why cases related to rapes are not disposed off quickly . We have to think seriously why there is no fear of law and fear of police action in the minds of criminal.
  • We have to think why in all cases of rapes police is held guilty and why protestors target police in all the cases of crime .
  • We have to think why police fail to catch and arrest culprit and why they fail to frame charge sheet which is proved in court of law quickly.
  • We have to think why witnesses are not available in such cases and even if witness are there, real witness want to avoid becoming witness.
  • We have to think why court takes such a long period in disposal of rape cases. And so on.      We have to think whether politicians are really responsible behind each rape incident.
  • We have to think whether media debates are helpful in reducing rape cases or they help in aggravating such cases.
  • We have to think whether there is deep rooted conspiracy of foreign elements or a group to disturb social harmony by attacking on gender freedom.
  • We have to think whether painting such cases b caste or communal colour will ever solve the real problem . 
UP minister Azam Khan blames mobile phones for rising rape cases -Hindustan Times-24.10.2015

Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan on Friday blamed mobile phones for rising rape cases in India, adding to a growing list of bizarre comments by political leaders in a country infamous for its gender bias and poor record on women’s safety.

“Mobile phone(s) are (the) reason why these incidents are happening in our society. The malicious content which can be seen on these phones is polluting the minds of the people and enticing them to commit such sins,” said Khan, a senior member of the ruling Samajwadi Party.

The state’s minority welfare minister also pointed out that “small girls are being raped nowadays”, apparently referring to the alleged rape of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Delhi last week.

“The rapists should be punished, but has anyone tried to find the reason behind such incidents?”

The remarks by the firebrand SP leader drew a sharp rebuke from former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah.
“Of course because rape & depravity didn’t exist before the arrival of smart phones!!!! (sic),” Abdullah said in a tweet.
Khan’s comments mirrored earlier remarks by other SP leaders including party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav who had once said, “Boys will be boys…they commit mistakes (galtiyaan ho jaati hain).”

Another party leader and Mulayam’s brother Ram Gopal Yadav too had blamed television for bringing vulgarity to homes and “polluting young minds”.

Last week, a toddler and a five-year-old girl were allegedly gang-raped in separate attacks in Delhi, bringing focus back on rampant sexual violence in the capital as well the country.

According to statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau for 2014, at least 93 women are raped in the country every day though police say that the high number of incidents was a result of more cases being registered nowadays.

India introduced stringent legislations to tackle sexual violence following the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapist on a moving bus in the Capital three years ago that had triggered street protests and nationwide outrage.

Activists, however, say that the laws have failed to act as a deterrent in a highly patriarchal society where people’s representatives get away with insensitive comments on sexual assaults.

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