Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Politics On Dadri Killing

It is astonishing that a well reputed and matured Minister in UP government has written to UNO for getting Justice in Dadri killing case where a person was killed by some miscreants. As a matter of fact , he along with his CM should be held guilty for making the position law and order so much critical and pathetic and more emphatically for making the position of India shameful in world forum for such a petty issue which is the subject matter of none other than UP government.

Our government usually protests leaders of Pakistan when they raise Kashmir issue in UNO. Now top leaders of world will laugh at us and at Indian government when an Indian will raise questions on functions of state government or that of India in UNO.

Does it not indicate that some of our fellow citizens are working as per dictates of Pakistan based terrorists?

Does it not indicate that there is a deep root conspiracy sponsored by foreign hands to weaken India socially and politically?

Does it not weaken and demoralise police and administrative machineries when they are forced to act as per choice of politicians and not based on merit and demerit of the case?

Does it not prove that media men and social networking sites are playing greater and effective role to guide or misguide people of India and it will not be astonishing if in future, based on rumours spearheaded by rumour-mongers, anti-social and anti -national forces, common men of some colour or the other will spark greater violence all over the country. ?

Does it not need strict control , monitoring , regulating and checking of all materials shown on TV, published in newspaper and submitted on social sites?

No doubt there is freedom of speech and freedom of action guaranteed by Constitution for all citizens, for promoters of TV channels and for press persons.

But is it not necessary to make the publisher, the writer or the promoters of a news item or materials should be told to own the responsibility and if found incorrect and provocative should be punished severely in shortest time?

It is possible that in future people is UP government will lodge FIR in USA police station for a case of theft committed in a village of UP. Or if a student fails in examination in a state he or she will write to UNO for justice, Some people will blame Modi government or BJP for his dispute with his wife as Somnath is doing. If a girl is raped in Delhi and victim will write to UNO head quarter.

If there is no power in Delhi or in MP People may ask Obama to take action against Indian government ( as in the past MPs of Parliament appealed to Obama not to issue VISA to Modi ). If a road accident takes place in Jharkhand state, people of Jharkhand state or a minister of Jharkhand government may blame British government who did not take proper care of roads during their rule in India or ask UNO Secretary General to force Jharkhand Government to arrange for power in each house of the state.

About 1100 Haz pilgrims were killed in a stampede in Saudi , it is possible that a petition is filed in UNO court of Justice at Geneva.. Hundreds of pilgrims were killed in Uttarakhand a few years ago due to heavy rain and flood. It is possible that a petition is filed or a protest March is taken out at the door of temple where God resides or that of Mosque where Mohammad stays or outside Church where God almighty is residing.
After all what are the legal remedies for such ridiculous acts of people who are misguided or sponsored by anti-national forces or anti-social elements. There should be clear cut guidelines as to where a person can complain , when a mob can come out with a protest march, when a procession can be taken out, when district authorities are to be held responsible and when state or central government.

Though there may be laws and rules for all such action, we need to display the same on each nook and corner and punish those people who try to be over smart. After all UNO cannot deal with domestic problem of a country , and similarly central government cannot solve all the problem faced by a citizen in his area or within a state . If a school dos not work properly in Bihar, What central government can do ?

There should be restriction of political leaders also . A Politician of Bihar  need not poke his nose in the law and order issue related matter of Karnataka or MP . If  power is weak in Jharkhand, a politician of Jharkhand has to approach local government only. If rape incident or murder takes place in Delhi , there is no need of UP or MP government to interfere. If prices of onion goes up unrealistically in Agra or adulterated food items are sold in Ranchi, Chief Minister of Orissa can do nothing and should not interfere. Similarly media men should have defined coverage area. If any problem in a place stays unresolved for a reasonable period, then only in can be escalated to higher level , that too in seral order of hierarchy, not directly to PM or UNO. If UP government commit  a mistake , Delhi CM need not interfere.

Government of each state, head of each district and each block or each panchayat as well as each department of central government has to be active towards their role and any negligence must be punished immediately by immediate higher authority without fail. It is possible only when role of each office, each officer and each leader is well defined and made known to public and consequence of evil action is also made public.

Prime Minister in Central government or a Chief Minister in state government cannot be held responsible for all acts of omission or commission in all villages. Clear cut framework for action should be defined and displayed on all roads and in all important corners of the country as per need.

If a Branch Manager of a bank do good work , he or she must be appreciated, But the BM is not allowed in any bank to criticise work of Branch Manager of other branch or to suggest him to do this or that.

This culture has to be developed among Indian states also. If all state focus on their state and central government  focus on job assigned to central government as per Constitution , we can save a lot of precious time wasted on debates and discussions on road or on TV.
Anyhow, We have to stop dirty politics on each and every event and stop media men carrying out dirty and provocative debates attended by hard core fundamentalists. Otherwise , our country will continue to grow its inner weakness .There is no other option and no second opinion on point of punishing criminals in shortest period of time without any bias to caste or community or region or religion or political party.

Lastly the person or the group of person who killed an Indian in Dadri must be hanged in shortest period of time  and for this purpose special court must be set up immediately. And political or social leaders or even media men who are igniting fire or disturbing peace or adding fuel to fire or who are bent upon extracting political advantage by disturbed environment  should also be tried and punished immediately by same fast track court.

Media men who fuel false and incorrect news should be punished more severely. Any politician who publicly gives anti-national statement which is based on caste or community or which is provocative should immediately be booked to task without any biased attitude.  And further to stop misuse of power by police or administrative offices , such cases must be referred to fast track  courts and  tried by special courts on fast track.

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