Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why Politicians SUPPORT and Why do They OPPOSE

Sonia Gandhi supported the candidature of Pranab Mukherjee because she wish to push her son for the post of PM. Other leaders of Congress Party has no guts to say a word against the will of Sonia.

SP Mulayam supported Mamta in projecting Kalam for the post and subsequently after some bargaining with Congress Party discarded the idea of Mamta and extended support to Pranab.

Lalu,Paswan and Mulayam are eager to get ministerial post in UPA government and hence they extend blind support to UPA and Sonia. They do not apply their mind.
Left parties supported Pranab because they had to teach a lesson to Mamta and create differences between Trinamool Congress and Congress Party so that prospect of Left party in West Bengal may become bright .

Mamta Projected Kalam for the top post because she did not like the candidate of Pranab. There was a problem of ego because Pranab Da because Pranab Da never gave due weightage to Mamta even though they got a few seat in election with the support of Mamta only.

BJP did not support Kalam’s candidate because it was proposed by Mamta, partner in UPA ruling the country. Later they did support Sangma when he left NCP. 

JD(U) supported Pranab Da because they had to discard BJP on secular ground to win the heart of Muslim voters and get rid of BJP in the state of Bihar. 

Mayawati did support Pranab because she does not want to remain in the same que in which BJP is standing.

This is India where political parties play the game of Kabaddi. Politicians are least bothered of welfare or comfort common men or progress and image of the country. Politicians want to remain in power and continue to hold the power of the government for their self interest by hook or by crook. 

Politicians in general do not believe in policies and principles but in mathematic which manages formation of government, which helps to gain power and which helps in creation of wealth for their kith and kin, relatives and friends.

All policies become bad when the same is proposed by opposition parties. Ruling party opposes what opposition parties say and opposition party opposes all what ruling party proposes. But both of them offer gifts to voters when they campaign for election and they talk of only ideals when the elections are at hand.

Politicians normally and usually use the tools of Democracy, Secularism and caste based Reservation to divide the people of India and rule over them. 

All politicians , they is why come together on the same platform irrespective of ideology of their party when Team Anna or Ramdeo raise voice against black money and when they ask for strong Jan Lokpal.When our government cannot punish Kasab even after lapse such along period , they cannot dream of punishing corrupt politicians .

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