Friday, June 29, 2012

CBI and CVC Do Not Punish Big Shots

CBI does not have adequate manpower and time to pursue cases against members and well wishers of Congress party or political party directly or indirectly supporting UPA government. But CBI has big workforce to pursue the cases against the government of states like Jharkhand, Gujarat, and Karnataka like state where BJP or NDA is in the government.

Out of five cases of fraud or bad assets or over payment to suppliers and contractors ,banks report hardly one case to CBI, still none of top ranked bank officers is punished. It is known to that entire big value loan proposals are sanctioned only when top ranked officers agree or suggest it and similarly high value write off or compromise takes place only when top ranked officers sanction the same and hint branch level officials to opt for write off instead of accelerating recovery steps.

Since all proposal of sanction or that of write off originates from branches only, it is junior or middle management officers who are more often than not taken to task and executives in scale IV and above who are real instrumental in all corrupt dealings are acquitted and promoted to higher level despite their involvement in bribe based lending and bribe based write off or compromise. If past of top executives is scanned by any agency, I think fifty percent of executives will be found on wrong footings.

Similarly internal vigilance department or CVC never dare taking punitive action against top ranked officials who play key roles in rise of NPA and who gives oral instruction to write off big value defaulted loans. Even cases of corruption informed to CBI or CVC are not pursued and in some cases government do not sanction of proceedings against such high profile officials.

If any unbiased agency is entrusted duty of investigating reasons behind sanction of loans above Rs.10.00 crores at least when the account goes bad, the emerging result will reveal that it is always the top ranked officials who piloted the sanction.

In brief most of the executive who are holding key posts are behind rise in bad assets and this is why staff accountability is not fixed in such cases as long as they are in service and finally the chapter is closed.

When big value loan account goes bad the bank management will say global recession is the reason behind such default but when default is in lacs occurs they will punish junior officers without any delay to exhibit that they are actively pursuing cases of corruption.

Such dual and fraudulent role must be checked to safeguard banks .As soon as actions against top officials are initiated and in punishment is awarded in shortest possible timeframe , the bottom-line officers will automatically mend them and resist from corrupt practices.

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