Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mera Bharat Mahan

Our government can plan for car revolution and apartment revolution for so called growth in GDP but do not think it wise to plan for green revolution, white revolution or industrial revolution which has the capacity to give maximum and real GDP growth.

Tax relief, interest concession and loan facilities are given to those who buy a home but not to those who construct rural godown to store farm produce which are otherwise getting damaged in want of safe place to protect the hard earned produce

Farmers produce so much of food grains that they are constrained to keep the same in open field. Food grains are not even distributed among poor but allowed to spoil in want of adequate care. 

Quality food is exported and rotten food is distributed and sold among Indians.

GOI is crazy and mad for getting more and more FDI and more and more FII to invest in stock market. But GOI has done nothing during last two decades to promote culture of savings and investment in Indians.

GOI can issue license for manufacturing and trading of pesticide and wine but hesitant to promote manufacturing and trading of generic medicine and production of organic food.

Government of India promote construction of high standard hotels and five star hotels but do not promote construction of staying accommodation for poor who migrate from villages to town in search of job or business.

GOI can spend crores of rupees in construction of Toilet in government offices and office of planning commission but do not have adequate fund to promote Sulabh Sauchalaya in every nook and corner of the country.

GOI can allow free admission of students in government schools and can give pass certificate to all without imparting proper knowledge but cannot ensure quality teaching in all schools and colleges.

GOI has permitted private sector to open colleges for higher studies but have not made any effort to regulate tuition fee to make it affordable for common men.

GOI may recommend for various quota and reservation on the basis of caste and community but do not care for those who are really poor and talented but cannot afford high cost of education due to their poverty.

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