Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pseudo Secularism is Great Hurdle in Path of Nationalism

India has produced several proof and evidences to substantiate the fact that Pakistan government, ISI and Pakistan army was involved in most of terror attacks in India including attach on Parliament and terror attack in Mumbai.

India has held several round of dialogues during last  two decades  with various dignitaries of Pakistan to convince the realities of terror attacks to the Pakistan government and always failed .Pakistan has consistently used  not only Pakistan based terrorists organizations but also used India based anti –national elements to destabilize India, to create pro-Muslim environment, to promote Hindu-Muslim riots, to enhance Muslim’s representation in Parliament, state assemblies, army and all administrative offices and to disturb harmonic relation among various communities living in India.

As a matter of fact ,Indian government is not seriously interested to punish persons of Muslim community found guilty of terror attack because of its malicious purpose to enhance its wining probability in election with the help of bulk Muslim vote bank. This is the truth of so called secularism preached by ambitious and greedy politicians ruling the country.

In spite of all facts and evidences available as proof of Pakistan’s involvement in terror attacks in India, Congress party is willingly or unwillingly interested to continue the dialogue process with the same government which is found to be guilty and crime minded. It is just like asking a thief to punish the thief.

Digvijay Singh, the spokesman of Congress Party has raised a few questions for RSS to answer. He does not want to introspect the bitter truth of so called secular credential of his own party but he think it wise to continue malicious campaign against BJP by rightly or wrongly projecting BJP as communal party.He in his usual style reminds and provokes the sentiments of Muslim community the incident of  1992 Babri Masjid demolition to win their votes in forthcoming election.

Digvijay Singh strategically and willingly like to forget that it is his party which allowed Sikh riot  in India in the year 1984 to continue for a fortnight by using government machineries and by giving unbridled powers to police and hidden advice to allow attack on Sikhs. He does not like to understand that Godhra incident was more provocative than the killing of his leader Indira Gandhi. Muslims and Sikh try to forget the black day but politicians to serve their vested interest do not hesitate in throwing salt on burns. 

It is unfortunate that various communities who remain together ,live together in peace and who always maintain harmonic relations in their day to day life become victim of divisive tactics and foul game played by dirty politicians.

It will not be wrong to say that ruling Congress party is bent upon raising the issue of secularism by hook or by crook to divert the minds of common men from the pain of price rise, unemployment and rampant corruption. It appears Congress Party is neither interested in elimination of corruption nor in protecting the unity and integrity of the nation.

It is unfortunate the leaders like Nitish Kumar have also become victim of such perilous act and devil like act and attitude of politicians associated directly or indirectly with Central government. 

Ruling party neither want to take revenge of Mumbai Terror attack nor like to punish various ministers and officers found guilty in various scams .

Person who is ambitious to acquire higher post do not bother of pain of common men and hence do not hesitate in supporting the candidature of Pranab Mukherjee for the post of President of India or supporting the financial policies of Pranab Da who left no stone unturned to increase the pain of common men and give all comforts to rich by imposing his wrong economic policies during his short tenure as Finance Minister of India.

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