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Mamta Sacrificed Power for Common Men Whereas Others Sacrifice Common Men To Serve Their Self Interest

Mamta Banerjee has proved that she believes in issues and not for the post or power. Her past record also says the same thing that she always gave respect to her point of views, her ideals, her principles in the interest of common men , never for self. She also sacrificed her self- interest to serve the cause of common men and cause of the country.

On the contrary other persons like Mulayam Yadav of SP, Lalu Yadav of RJD, Mayawati of BSP , Sibu Soren JMM , Karuna nidhi of DMK , Farooq Abdullah of NC and many individuals are mostly greedy of power , post and money. They can sacrifice interest of common men to serve their self interest. All are standing with folded hands before the door of UPA to get some ministerial berth. These parties took part in Bharat Bund in protest against ill motivated decisions of UPA government and disturbed their state to gain public sympathy and at the same time they are ready to support same UPA government. Is it not double speaking? Does it not exposes their dubious character?

Game of some political parties is to keep away BJP and NDA from power and gain power by playing like a gambler, not like a real patriot. MPs of these parties are not at all representing voters of their constituency, but only their party. They are busy in arithmetic of capture of power and not ponder over how to give relief to common men and how to ensure development of their command area as respected Mamta Banerjee is thinking for voters of her command area.

Keeping BJP and NDA indirectly exposes blackmailing character of political parties who support and oppose UPA at the same point of time. Parties whose main agenda is to keep BJP away from power they should discard their party manifesto and stop cheating voters by making so many promises in their manifesto. They are cheating their voters and hence it is voters who may teach them lesson in next election. Common men are leading miserable life due to misrule of Congress Party not by BJP. Selfish leaders of parties like SP, RJD, and BSP never bothered for common men but they are running from pillar to post to acquire power by hook or by crook.

Leaders of Congress Party  are  frustrated after one after other exposure of their  corruption , their faulty policies , faulty governance and faulty administration . They have understood it well that they are not going to win next election. They are aware that current fiscal problems are beyond their control . They are in the same mood of punishing their opponents and ruling like a dictator in the same way as Smt Indira Gandhi was frustrated after her defeat in an election petition filed by her close rival Raj Narayan. They have perhaps forgotten that revengeful action taken by late Indira Gandhi after her defeat in election petition could not save her for a longer period and she was badly defeated in next election. Congress Party was almost ousted from most of the constituencies in India.

There is no doubt that voters of India will eliminate Congress Party in next election. It may be possible that their negative vote may give benefit to regional parties or BJP or NDA and it is possible that none of parties gain majority. But in no case Congress Party will be in a position to capture power in 2014 or earlier election

Manmohan 'Singh says that fuel price hike is unavoidable to deal with current fiscal crisis.

 I make an earnest appeal to great Manmohan Singh and his advocates in UPA to make it clear why his reformation policies failed to reform the country , reform the common men and reform the governance?

He is continuously in power for last eight years, still he blames opposition parties for fiscal crisis. How his moral permits him to do so and to tell lie? Will he put her hands on his heart and admit clearly whether he is happy with the policies and performance of the government he is leading?

Will MMS make it clear who are responsible for unbridled price rise and increasing corruption?

Is it justified to blame BJP for all the faults committed by government led by MMS for last eight years?

He may feel proud to say that GDP growth is better than other countries. But will he honestly say whether the GDP which his government refers is meaningful for common men constituting 99 percent of Indian population.

What MMS has done to reduce use of diesel and petrol and thus reduce burden of fiscal deficit?

Why MMS is unable ti stop and reduce Gold import and restrict fuel import?

Why MMS is allowing interest concessions to car purchasers ?Why bank sanction loans to purchase a car at 10% but charges 18 to 36 percent to farmers and small traders and pensioners either directly or through Micro Finance Institutes.

Why MMS failed to stop and at least reduce level of corruption in his government ? What he has to say about @g scam, coal scam, CWG scam etc?

Three cheers to Mamata Banerjee

P Radhakrishnan | Agency: DNA | Sunday, September 23, 2012
Mamata Banerjee, Trinamool Congress chairperson, may be acerbic, aggressive, mercurial, and at times politically pestiferous as she seemed to be when she insisted for some bizarre reason that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should oust her party colleague and Railway Minister, Dinesh Trivedi.
But none can question her earnestness in purpose, commitment to the cause, and readiness to fight for it without caring for its political fallout. She has shown this more than once in West Bengal, especially through her prolonged and protracted agitation against the Singur Nano project which forced Ratan Tata to shift the project to Gujarat; she has also shown this more than once in her encounter with the Congress oligarchy at the Centre.
Mamata Banerjee may not be a corporate communist like Prakash Karat or Sitaram Yechuri whose communism is self-serving, anachronistic and opportunistic; but she scores well above others in her forceful articulation of what she thinks is politically correct particularly in the context of the well-being of the subalterns.
In all probability Pranab Mukherjee would not have become the President of India if Mamata Banerjee had her way, which she would have had but for the opportunistic Samajwadi Party leader, Mulayam Singh Yadav going for political trade off with the Congress by betraying her in self-interest. Banerjee was frank and earnest in admitting that in the prevailing political circumstances she had no choice other than supporting Mukherjee much against her wish.
Mulayam Singh can be a dangerous ally as his concerns are not people-centric and developmental. His political pyrotechnics can stump the Congress and bring down the UPA ministry any time after the Trinamool Congress leaves the UPA.
Mamata Banerjee has been fighting the UPA government’s unrealistic and anti-people decisions in every sector; encouraging crony capitalism; decisions involving vital national interests taken without consulting the UPA allies, and presenting them as fait accompli UPA decisions; chicanery of holding back the decisions under pressure when political tempers are high and suddenly foisting them on the nation later, and so on.
While other UPA allies have not been clear and consistent in their reactions to the shifting sands of UPA politics, Mamata Banerjee has been clear-headed and consistent in her stance.
Given the dismal scenario of the UPA government it should not be surprising that Mamata Banerjee’s announcement that her party’s ministers would submit their resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and her party would submit a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee on September 21 stating its withdrawal of support to the UPA government is bold and well thought out. For when there was strident opposition to an earlier decision toallow FDI it was put on the back burner statingthat decision on FDI will be taken only after consulting all allies and all the states. The decision allowing FDI taken a couple of days ago flies in the face of this announcement which no self-respecting coalition partner would take lightly.
While FDI cannot be an anathema on any country because of the ongoing fast-paced globalisation, India has to create the necessary conditions for taking advantage of FDI without allowing it to be an Octopus on the nation, and for ensuring that Indian markets don’t lose out.
The UPA government had ample time to create these conditions and prepare road maps of market highways and bye-ways and regulatory mechanisms for free and fair market-play. In the absence of the necessary conditions and road maps, FDI in India, particularly in the retail sector, will not be a reform but a ruin, an invitation to national anarchy, and to re-colonisation of the country by foreign financial sharks.
Sensing the unfolding scenario, Mulayam Singh Yadav has already started criticising the Congress and talking about a third front. With the departure of the Trinamool Congress, the UPA’s troublesome wheel of tragedy of errors would come full circle — from its 2G Spectrum gate to its Coalgate to its ultimate exit gate. In the elections likely to take place in another six months or so, the Congress may pay a heavy price for the UPA’s misdeeds, governance for sheer survival, scams, political arrogance, undemocratic and autocratic functioning, duplicity and double speak, lies and damned lies, Goebbelsian propaganda by pseudo-constitutional pundits like Manish Tewari who had the audacity to question the constitutional mandate of the CAG and what should be his Laxman Rekha.
In the departure of the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee may not gain anything other than her and her party’s pride. But the departure will make the writing on the wall loud and clear to the UPA, its other allies, and the whole nation.
The author is a sociologist and commentator on public affairs

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