Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Make Farmers Brave and Not coward And Criminal

This refers to comment made by Haryana minister Mr. O P Dhankar that farmers of Haryana are not coward and not criminal. He told that farmers are brave in Haryana  and his government is not with those who commit suicide . Some section of media men are busy in criticising him and blaming BJP government to be insensitive towards pain of farmers. Some says that history of Mr. Dhankar is full of exploitation of farmers.
I do not know Mr. Dhankar, but I praise his comments on unwarranted glorification of farmers opting for suicide. The more suicide is publicised and projected on TV, the more people will tend to end their life to get rid of pain people suffer due to some reason or the other. Not only farmers but all sections of people have some or the other critical problems which sometimes pushes them towards fatal decision of suicide. But in no case it is desirable to glorify any case of suicide.
Mr. Dhankar may be anti -farmer , I do not know, but I know that if you talk about stories of bravery of farmers or any one else and project positives of farmers , it will send a positive message among farmers all over the country and give message to others too to become brave and fight with odds of life. When we hear the story of army people fighting at border and sacrificing their lives on the alter of the country , it motivates everyone to become patriot.
I therefore feel that media men and politicians should stop glorification of suicide . So far as Mr. Modi is concerned ,his silence should not be considered as his being insensitive towards pain of farmers.
Mr. Modi is found to be the best among past PMs and best among other available alternative leaders on national horizon. He is at least better than Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Lalu Yadav, Kejriwal , Manmohan singh and others.  After all India cannot borrow good leaders from other countries and have to choose the best among available real options only. There may be talented better persons too also in India . But if they do not come forward, their talent cannot be used for growth of the nation.
Sincere efforts made by Mr. Modi ,positive changes in law and administrative practices brought about by Modi government and executive action in right direction have been appreciated by even top world class leaders. Ache din will definitely come but not overnight. There is no doubt that previous governments created a bad atmosphere in the country where only corrupt used to be appreciated and elevated. There was complete lack of transparency and action on any project or any plan during UPA rule and this is why the government was usually accused of corruption and policy paralysis . There is no doubt that pervious government damaged economic fundamentals of the country . Mr. Modi is slowly improving economic health of the country. Let him rule for a year or two and only then we can dream of ache din.
If you look into history of any leader, you will find some or the other black spot , true or false, significant or insignificant every where. Similarly Mr. Modi might have also committed some mistakes in the past and some of his decisions or negligence might have annoyed some section of people in some corner of the country. But what we have seen during last one year , there is no reason for us to be pessimistic about Mr. Modi and BJP. People of India have already tasted the rule of Congress Government at center and that of Mr Mulayam or Mr. Lalu or Ms Mayawati or Mr. Kejriwal in various state governments. They cannot dream of giving another opportunity to politicians other than Mr. Modi under present circumstances.
Some people point out towards past mistake of BJP or corruption of a few BJP leaders and try to remove Mr. Modi or try to malign the image of Mr. Modi without presenting better alternative before the nation. But if one take overall assessment of Mr. Modi and BJP and compare the same with history of other persons and political parties, it will become crystal clear that Mr. Modi is far better than others. What Mr. Modi is doing as PM , none can doubt his capability, his potential , his patriotism , his love for farmers .
So far as his alleged love for corporate is concerned , I may point out here that without land and without the support of corporate sector , country cannot dream of growth . And if land of a few farmers or any person is taken to establish an industry , or for rail line or for rural housing, it will be beneficial to hundreds of farmers of the area. However if there is any misuse of land by any leader of BJP or any corporate after acquisition of land, there is option of taking legal action or the action of mass protest available in democracy. Opposition parties may raise the issue of misuse of acquired land in Parliament and start movement against the government .
But as long as there is no instance of misuse of power ,one should not blame any person or any policy only on the basis of self made prejudices or self perceived threat to farmers . Let Mr. Modi and BJP frame fresh laws including Land Bill and let him execute the same and if it is found that farmers are cheated, it will be justified for all opposing parties to stop andcdethrone Mr. Modi . It is open to all state governments to accept or not the proposed Land Bill , to put in action the land bill or not.  Dirty politics on suicide of farmers  to stop passing of land bill will puncture the growth plan of the government and India will  lose trust among foreign investors if there is stalemate on all bill presented in Parliament.
I like to point out here that only due to non-availability of land , projects submitted by various business houses valued Rs.65000 crores are pending for years and the state of Jharkhand is facing economic backwardness .  Industrialists are shifting their project to other western or southern states or even to foreign land.  Due to inactive and inefficient government of the past , the state and resident of state suffered a lot during last ten years. People of state are forced to migrate to other developed states or to go abroad for getting job. This is the position of many eastern and north states. Land bill if passed after some amendments may prove to be a milestone on the road leading to real growth.


  1. Friends in my blog it is nowhere written that pain of farmer is false or exaggerated or that farmers should not be helped. Please read entire blog sincerely and you will find that I have simply tried to tell media men and politicians not to glorify suicide , rather I have suggested to help farmers and all persons who are in pain and all help should be given to such men so that none is tempted to commit suicide. It is true that one farmer decides to end his life only when he fails to overcome his problems. I only emphasises on the fact that one should try to overcome problem, Govt should try to dilute the intensity of pain a farmer suffer in case of calamities and unfavourable weather conditions.

    Further it is said that None of the suicide ever took place due to provisions f land bill proposed by BJP . More than one lac Farmers committed suicide during last ten years and all due to crop failure of natural calamities. As such media men should not confuse such death with provisions of Land bill. Rather each aspect of Land bill should be discussed in Parliament to frame such a bill which will help in stopping instances of suicides.

    I further suggested to stop Dharna or rally or stalling Parliamentary proceedings and draft the bill in best and most suitable way so that not only farmers but none is tempted to end his or her life.

  2. All cases of death hurt the members of family and society. It is the duty of all government to create such an atmosphere which is conducive for leading a joyful life . Issue of farmer as emotional as that of student or public servant. If a trader or investor in share commit suicide due to heavy loss or due to inadequate income, he may also decide to end life . Such people all need sympathy of all of us. Please try to treat all uniformly and there should be a national policy of compensation so that equal amount is given after each case of suicide.