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Suicide Is An Act Of Cowards And Criminals

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Individuals who commit suicide are cowards and criminals. This statement has been given by a minister Sri O P Dhankar in Haryana government on 28th April of this year.

According to Indian criminal law, suicide is a crime. a person who commits suicide runs away from his responsibilities. Such people are cowards and the government cannot stand by such cowards, such criminals. . Minister further told that Haryana is a state of brave and they do not encourage suicides in the states. People committing suicide are running away from their duties and responsibilities and transferring the same to their wives and children.

Suicide is often carried out as a result of despair, mental disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder etc. Frustration and depression may be the outcome of loss in business, failure in examination, not getting a job, failure of crop, acute sickness , dispute with relatives and friends, failure in love, pressure of work in office, fear of beast and dead soul, threatening from powerful persons or muscle man, physical deficiency and critical illness, pain of disease and so on…


In most western countries, suicide is not considered as crime. In Australia suicide is not a crime but it is a crime to counsel, incite, or aid and abet another in attempting to commit suicide. No country in Europe currently considers suicide or attempted suicide to be a crime.

However in India, suicide is treated as illegal and surviving family could face legal difficulties. It is often seen that as soon as news of suicide committed by a person spreads in a mohallah, village or town, police personnel reaches to the house of the person who committed suicide and a few of his relatives or close friends are arrested by police for interrogation and in many cases charge sheet is served against friend or relative to whom police considers to have abetted and incited the person to commit suicide and they are punished.

In majority of cases of suicide the family members become panic and suffer difficulties of many varieties. They try to hide the news of suicide and always try to pose before neighbours and police as if the death was natural and due to sickness or sudden heart fail.


But in recent few days even suicide has become a boon for family members of person who commit suicide and if he is a farmer. In the recent past we have seen how after suicide committed by Mr. Gajendra Singh during Aam Admi Party rally , all prominent politicians expressed sympathy on the family of farmer. Key leaders of all political parties reached to take part in cremation procession taken out in the village of the deceased. An amount of Rs.10.00 lac was given to the family of Mr. Gajendra Singh as a token of compensation. Beside AAP promised to give a job to one of family members and try to declare the death of farmer as Shaheed on the altar of Farmer in the same way as an army men killed in war with enemy country is considered as Shaheed.


Not only this, even national leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Minister of Rajasthan state government, key member of BJP, minister in UP government and many other stalwarts visited the house to deceased to express their sympathy and their solidarity with the bereaved family. Political parties are now trying to enrich their vote bank by demanding adequate compensation for families of farmers who commit suicide. Media men are propagating the theory of compensation to give trouble to ruling party. This is why when Sri Dhankar , minister in Haryana government said that the case of suicide is an act of cowards and criminals, media men have started attacking BJP government for being so much insensitive to tragic death of farmers.

Dirty Politics has changed the role of police after suicide. Now police cannot afford taking punitive action against family members of deceased due to suicide. In the past many times, law makers tried to treat suicide as legal but failed. The government of India decided to repeal the law in 2014 and the fate is still unknown. Suicide which was always considered as sin has suddenly become a case to be awarded. Media men are crying every moment against Mr. Dhankar and abusing BJP throughout the day. In this way they are not only raising their TRP but also promoting people in pain to commit suicide. I however praise Minister Mr. Dhankar who is bold enough to put a brake on persons who are dreaming of committing suicide.


In my opinion, media men should be punished for projecting and portraying the act of suicide as natural course of action to cope with rise in pain in life. I agree that all governments , state as well as central , should do their best to mitigate the pain of all , not only farmers , but also students suffering load of study and pain of examination pressure, public servants under huge work load and under stress due to rude behaviors of the bosses. It is true that government is duty bound to ensure comfortable and painless life for all citizen.

But is it possible for any government with shortage of resources compared to demand to keep all citizens happy and painless?

Absolutely No, it is practically not possible for any government to cater to demands of each farmer and each student or each public servant who are inclined to commit suicide.

As such government should either declare the act of suicide as a legal act and all individuals should have liberty to end his or her life as and when they desire or decide adequate and uniform compensation to family member of bereaved family. It is not good on the part of politicians or media men to publicize it, to promote it, to propagate or to glorify suicide culture with a purpose of gaining public vote in favour of the party or the TV channel. Case of suicide is not good for the society and must be condemned by all in all such cases to stop its rise in number.


Media men who portray and repeatedly telecast the case of suicide to make or mar the future of a party or the other are actually harming the social peace and unnecessarily causing loss of man-days in many offices, in Parliament and businessmen working in market. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Media men are abetting and inciting suicide and hence they are liable to be punished under existing law.

It is media men who due to their ill-motivated task of maligning ruling government are willfully diverting the mind of people from Land bill and painting, portraying and projecting pro-farmer Land bill as anti-farmer Land bill. In this way they are indirectly puncturing the growth oriented plan of government and causing direct loss to the country , tarnishing the image of the country and creating an environment which will demotivate foreign investors who were aspiring to invest in India encouraged by marketing skill of Mr. Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India.

Congress Party and all other Non-BJP parties have got an opportunity to strike the iron while it is hot. Farmers are committing suicide due to natural calamity like draught or over raining or storm like blowing or air or attack of worms or something else. But clever media men and clever politicians are loudly telling the people of India and farmers in particular that Land Bill of the BJP government is the real killer. In this way they are creating chaotic situation in many towns and provoking some of farmers to opt for suicide so that their family at least get monetary benefit.

It is worthwhile to mention here that once the politicians like Devi Lal or VP Singh when they were in government declared waiver of loans due to farmers, it became culture of farmers and small traders not to repay the loan in time and wait for loan waiver scheme. This culture has adversely affected the profitability as also credit delivery capacity of bankers. Now the position is such that even large borrower do not repay the due in time and build pressure on banking officials to write off the dues or enter into compromises even if some bribe has to be paid for this purpose. As a result of this bad culture, those borrowers who repay the loan in time feel cheated when loans of their colleagues who did not repay are written off. And now all parties are demanding waiver of loan and treating it a easy tool to gain farmer's vote in election.

I lastly reiterate that the government should make all possible arrangements that farmers are duly compensated whenever there is a unnatural loss of crop. However any default in repayment of loan should be treated as crime and accordingly dealt with. And if the government wants to distribute free money to farmers to gain political advantage, they should do it directly keeping banks from this business so that loan culture and repayment culture is not affected by charity culture of the government.

Similarly, if AAP government can give Rs. ten lac to the family of Gajendra Singh who committed suicide, they should give the same amount to all farmers who have lost the crop in the same way and in the same volume as deceased Gajendra Singh had lost. Mr. Kejriwal should be ready to give equivalent amount to families of students, bakers, public servants who commit suicide as per loss they caused. Not only this, Mr. Kejriwal by his whimsical decision has created an example for other states and for members of other sections of society.

After death of an army man, compensation to the tune of lacs and crores of rupees is given to the family members of the deceased as per whims and fancies of the ministers and the government. Compensation is announced not keeping in view the future and past of the deceased but keeping in view the political advantage which wills accrue in future. This culture of discriminatory treatment is not good from any angle of consideration and not healthy for either democracy or for social peace.

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