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Modi Has Brightened Indian Image Abroad

Today Members of Parliament created a dirty scene by raising the issue of quote " India is no more scam India , It is now skill India ".

Leaders of Congress Party are accusing Mr Modi of tarnishing the image of the country on foreign land by tagging India with Scam India. Here the question arises whether the said wordings used by Mr. Narendra Modi PM on foreign land really tarnishes the image of the country?

Fact of scams is not hidden in only Indian media or Indian books or Indian history. Details of all scams of India are available in Wikipedia .All countries in the world read Indian news in print media and watch on TV and they know very well how many scams India has faced. In the era of internet and satellite and when journalists of foreign media are present all over the country, whenever debates and discussion takes place in any corner of the country , it goes to International community. Congress Part cannot confine the news of scams to the boundaries of India.

Transparency India has already rated India on the issue of corruption in offices many times in the past and given 85th rank on the scale of Corruption. Is this ranking a matter of pride for India. Similarly India has been rated 145th rank among world countries on disposal speed for clearance of various statutory matters. India's image has already been tarnished by six decade long rule of Congress and Non-BJP parties. Now there is no further need to tarnish the image , it has already been blackened during UPA rule of ten years.

Volume of pending projects in various ministries and pending cases in various courts during UPA regime was so much bulky that International rating agencies downgraded rating of India from stable rating and they were likely to declare India as junk during UPA-II rule. Manmohan Singh government was ill-reputed in scams and business community in India as well as foreign investors tagged Indian government with policy paralysis. It is open to world leaders that without payment of bribe and kickbacks, no project in India could be approved during the rule of Congress Party. Not to speak of Bofors involving kickbacks and other deals with foreign sellers ,even during last ten years , several scams came to light and Indian working abroad used to feel humiliated when Indian topic related to scam was discussed in foreign meetings and personal gossips.
To overcome this bad image and to attract foreign investors back in India, Modi visited various countries and restored India's image. Modi created trust in Indian people, trust in capacity of Indian administrative offices and marketed Indian potential to its best level. For this purpose Mr. Modi told Foreign community that they should be now sure that their all projects will be given red carpet and they will get quicker clearance and they will get all possible support in execution of their projects . To substantiate his claim and to change India's image, he told during a public meeting in Canada that India is no more a Scam India , it is now Skill India. By this act Mr. Modi created faith in foreign based investors who were hesitating investing India after coming across several stories of scams and in fear of recurrence of scam stories they used to hear every now and then during rule of UPA.
Credit goes to Mr. Modi and his wholehearted effort that Indians working and residing abroad all over the world now feel elevated and they now keep their head high wherever they go. There is no doubt in it that due to positive marketing , Mr Modi is given warm and huge welcome wherever he has attended meeting of Indians during last eleven months. There is no example of any past Prime Minister who was given such a hearty and warm welcome as Mr. Modi has been given.

Indians of all communities living abroad love Mr. Modi by heart because they see huge potential in Mr. Modi which they never saw in the past. Indian living abroad have great expectation from Mr. Modi and they feel elevated when a person of stature of PM listen to them and talks with them . Even heads of countries like USA, Australia, China, Nepal Japan , Germany have praised Mr. Modi many times. World bank , ADB and IMF have raised rating of India only after one year long effort made by PM.

Now the question arises who has tarnished the Image of India on International platform?

It is Congress Party or some other party?

Though there are many examples when leaders of Congress Party used foreign land to tarnish leaders of opposition parties. But I simply refer the latest example of the issue of issue of Visa related to Mr. Modi which Mr. Modi never demanded from USA. Ever Indian knows it ,that 65 MPs of Congress party and other non-BJP parties wrote jointly singed letter to US president in the year 2012-2013 requesting Mr. Obama not to issue VISA to Mr. Narendra Modi when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat State.
Is it justified from any angle that elected representative \s of India and representing Indian government write letter to a foreign government against a constitutionally elected Chief Minister?
If 65 MPs had real love for India , they could have discussed domestic problem in Indian Parliament or resorted to judiciary for justice. Why did they think it wise to request Obama US president to solve Indian problem?
Did Congress Party not tarnish the image of India by such dirty and unconstitutional act?
Was 65 MPs inclined towards Pakistan to garner Muslim votes in Indian election?
There is no doubt in it that Congress Party is responsible for tarnishing the image of India outside India. When MPs fight with chairs and mikes in Indian Parliament and world leaders watch it on TV , it does not brighten image of India. When story of MPs asking money for raising questions in Parliament come to media , it does not brighten image of India. When foreigners watch on TV how unfair means are used during school level examination, they do not feel happy and do not rate India as the best examiner.

When MPs of Congress Party abuse and use bad words for Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in Parliament,  it does not send good message about India .Bad assets in public banks has gone above 5 percent of total advances, this news is not hidden and rating agencies are not having good image about Indian banks. Who is responsible for such erosion ? Is it not dirty policies of Congress Party?

When Non-BJP parties make hue and cry in Parliament against Land Bill Presented by Modi Government, it does not send good signals to Foreign investors in India. After all representatives of all foreign  countries live in India and they collect all good and bad news about India. Who can stop it in such an open and free environment which is in India.  If leaders of Congress Party still think that all scams of the past are hidden and not known to world leaders, it is their foolishness or foul game to stall Parliamentary proceedings on false ground. 
Leaders of Congress Party who are making hue and cry on above quoted sentence uttered by Mr. Modi in Canada should know that nothing is hidden from the eyes of foreign media.. Rather foreign media know more than what India media and India agencies know. It was US government intelligence agencies who cautioned India of probable terror attack many times in the past and saved India from disaster.

As such leaders of Congress Party and other political parties who are pointing out accusing finger towards Mr. Modi should introspect what they have done in the past and stop making mountain of mole hill just to gain political advantage. If they are really patriot and concerned with growth of India and image of India  , they should cooperate BJP in passing of Land bill, GST bill and other bills of reform.
I reiterate that majority of Indians who are not biased with any political party are very happy with the work done by Mr. Modi and his government. It is Modi who has not tarnished image of India but brightened the Image of India throughout the world.

65 MPs write to Barack Obama: Don't give visa to Narendra Modi-Times of India-23 July 2013

WASHINGTON: As BJP president Rajnath Singh is here batting for visa for Narendra Modi, 65 Members of Parliament have written letters to President Barack Obama, urging the US administration to maintain the current policy of denying visa to him.

"We wish to respectfully urge you to maintain the current policy of denying Mr Modi a visa to the United States," the MPs belonging to 12 parties have said in identical letters to Obama.

One letter was signed by 25 Rajya Sabha members and the other by 40 Lok Sabha members written on November 26 and December 5, 2012 respectively and re-faxed to the White House on Sunday.

Copies of the letters were provided by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) as Rajnath Singh, reached Washington to meet US lawmakers, thinktanks and US government officials during which he said he will urge the Americans to lift the ban on visa for Modi.

Mohammed Adeeb, Independent MP from Rajya Sabha, who took the initiative for this campaign, said they sent these letters to Obama again because of the current campaign and initiative being taken by Rajnath Singh for getting a US visa for Modi. The letters were being made public only now, he added.

Rajnath Singh told a press conference in New York on Sunday that he would appeal to the US lawmakers to impress on the Administration to remove the visa ban on Modi imposed after the 2002 post-Godhra riots. The denial came on grounds of human rights violations in Gujarat with Modi as chief minister.

The signatories to the letters include Sitaram Yechury of CPM and M P Achuthan of CPI, both Rajya Sabha members.

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